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Photographer for Sandals wedding

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It has been done. it was posted on here a few months ago. Sadly, I have NO idea where the thread is.
If i recall, the bride had the photographer as a guest at their wedding (paid for a three night stay). Then the bride discussed with the wedding coordinator how the photographer was simply a friend that wanted to also take pictures. I believe they still had to allow the Sandals photographer to do their thing, but the "guest" photographer was still able to capture everything perfectly.
I would talk to the wedding coordinators and see if you could go that route.


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I have has it work exactly this way for a past couple getting married at Sandals. They paid for a 3 night stay for the photographer and a guest, and there were no issues for them to get the photos they wanted. Having great relationships with the folks at the resorts helps, as a result of being a Chairmans Royal Club agent! :)

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