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ME by Melia in Cabo - Wedding Reviews?

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Originally Posted by *Heather* View Post
Has anybody had their wedding here? I've heard reviews of people who have stayed here, but I've never actually read about someone holding their wedding here, and my WC just recommended it as a great place to have a party.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has any info! Thanks!

I am considering this hotel for mine too, in my research I found this video from youtube. Maybe you can have an idea.

YouTube - Wedding Video Melia Los Cabos

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Oh wow, that video makes it look so nice! Whoever did that made sure you can't see any people on the beach :)


It's the pumping music in the background during the ceremony that I think bothers me...I don't think the beach would be too busy in the middle of Oct but I might be wrong. If we can have the ceremony somewhere else I still might consider this for our reception.

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