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Erika J

**My DIY STD's- my first crafting project!!!!!

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Yay!! I am proud to share my first DIY/Crafting project.




I am a complete novice so even though they are not boarding passes or some of the beautiful creations that I have seen from our other members (who are much more talented than myself), I am totally proud of myself and have started off small and will work my way up. I think they are a cute little package and have all the needed info.


I was considering a post card but decided that this would be the first impression of the wedding and most people would be booking trips well before receiving an invites so I put a little extra effort and $$ into the STD’s.


I made 100 of them:

Paper: $33.00

Envelopes: $14.00

Paper Fasteners: $3.00

Raffia: $3.00 (but have tons extra)

Printing and cutting: $49.00

Return Address Labels: Free at Vista Print

Clear Mailing labels: About $4.00 worth of a big pack

Postage: $0.42

Total for each with postage: $1.48

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