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10 day diet

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so i'm on a 10 day diet which i've done before for houseboating cuz i was far too lazy to actually work out to slim up for the bikinis. being quite small (4'11 and less than 100 lbs) i surprisingly lost 4 lbs doing the diet alone without exercising. i paid $50 to get it off a website.


i'm on it again to lose my stubborn belly that doesn't seem to want to go away with just exercise. so thought i'd share it with you guys. it's kinda hard and a bit of prep work every day just cuz you gotta bring 4 meals to work. but i found it worked for me.


4shared.com - document sharing - download Beyond_Calories.pdf

explanation of diet


4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download diet.xls

- spreadsheet i made for the diet. the numbers under what day it is are the food groups that the food has to be in

- just change the foods to what you want, change the color coding to whichever meals you want, change the times if you like...that was what worked for me based on working 8am-5pm

- the listing of foods at the bottom was for my grocery list so update that to match whichever foods at the top


hope it helps someone!

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