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Scavenger Hunt Time - Help me find these... but cheaper

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Hey Ladies,


I've used all my googling skills and am at a loss. Since I know you ladies are amazing and finding stuff, I thought I'd propose a scavenger hunt...


I'm looking for a luminaria that looks like it was made from clay.... I need about 40 of them, so spending $25 a piece isn't going to cut it for me :).


Here's one that I found that I really like... (from Mexican Luminaries or Luminarias Handmade Tin and Clay).


Click the image to open in full size.


Alternately... if there is anyone IN Cancun that can tell me where I can buy something similar when I get to Mexico, I'd be game for that as well.


Let me know if you find anything.... I'd be SOO grateful!



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You could make your own using terra cotta which is cheaper. I found some basic instructions that you could customize w/your own design and larger pots. If you really want clay, check etsy.com or ask an art student to make some custom ones for you. You can check with any college art department for a willing artist.


Terra Cotta Luminaries | DoItYourself.com

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