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My Bride-to-Bridesmaids Promise List

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Hi ladies,


After quite a few turns as a bridesmaid over the last 10 years, I decided that since it was my turn on the other (bride) side, I would make a list of promises/commitments to my bridal party. Just a little something to make sure my girlfriends know I haven't forgotten what it can be like to be a BM (especially if you're single and in your 30s!):


  1. I will invite all of you to every event, but in no way do I expect you to attend and/or want you to send any type of gift!
  2. I will not ask you to wear anything the "same" unless I provide it (outside of the bridesmaid dress, of course).
  3. You can wear your hair/make up any way you like. Shaving is probably a good idea, but your call.
  4. I promise to pick a BM dress that will not require a second mortgage because, let's face it, you'll never wear it again. (If we all can admit to this now, it'll be so much better in the long run.)
  5. I promise that when I have to go to the bathroom on the wedding day, I will not ask the same person for help each time. FYI - I have a pea-sized bladder.
  6. I will be open to suggestions and ideas - if you have lessons learned from your own big day or any bridemaid experience, I'm all ears. Everything from cool wedding party gifts to how to deal with the groom's colorful family members - I'd love your input.
  7. I will do my best to minimize any bridezilla tendencies. The good news - many of you live in another city so that could naturally minimize your exposure - the bad news, my type-A-ness is just part of who I am. Hopefully, you've come to grips with it by now.
  8. I will not over-schedule you. I want you to enjoy your time at my DW so "group" events will be organized around key sunning time. I'll have sunscreen and brozer for 1) when you lay out by the pool and 2) when you get strap marks like I do.
  9. I will enlist the help of another for day-of coordination. That way, you ladies can relax and enjoy and won't have to guess when it's your time "to walk".
  10. I promise, under any circumstances, if you become TB ("that bridesmaid") and get silly drunk/fall in the pool/or find romance with a cabana boy, I will torture you in private or in the company of a small forgiving group. It will not become part of a wedding speech, blog or facebook posting.

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I really like that! I think so many brides have unrealistic expectations for their bridesmaid- they aren't really your MAID!!!!!your girls are going to love that fact that you are a realistic bride!!!!!

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Thanks ladies! I made a pact with myself that I wouldn't turn into bridezilla (except possibly in the presence of my fiance), so this list will keep me honest (and I'm sure my BMs will remind me too!).

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