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recommendation for a Bridal Hair & Make-up Artist in Bahamas

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Hello to all Bahamas Bride,


We'll be going on a cruise to Bahamas in two months and will have the wedding ceremony at Compass point Beach Resort. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a very good professional bridal hair & mark-up artist. I'm still undecided if my bridesmaid and I will just do our hair and make-up in one of the salon in the ship or rather make an appointment in one of the salon in Nassau or hire a professional to come and do it for us since I'll be renting out a change room at Compass Point for the day.


Your advise and opinions are greatly appreciated.


Good Luck to All,


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Windermere Spa was recommended by someone else on the board and my wedding coordinator. My day didn't go as planned so I was unable to use them, so I don't have any first-hand knowledge. The prices for “in salon” were starting at: hair-$60.00 makeup - $40.00. The cost for “out calls” is double. They have two locations, one is near Paradise Island and one is near Cable Beach. In hindsight I wish I would have paid the double rate because I think it would have worked out better.


Here is the contact info I have:


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