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I am finally going to order my STDs and was hoping to get some insight on adddressing them.


Do you address them like wedding invitations (Mr. and Mrs. John Doe)?


Do you handwrite them? I was thinking of running them through the printer using a calligraphic font. I donâ€t think I want to handwrite 75 invitations.


If using return address labels, do you place them on the back flap or the front of the envelope? I thought I read on the web that return address labels do not require a name above so I guess we would just put our address. (1111 Street, Houston, Texas 77777).

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I had the same question about a week ago when we addressed our wedding invitations. I ended up handwriting them all, but we only had 45 to do and we almost had it out printing the inside envelopes ourselves and swore to give the printer a break. I did a poll, and the responses were across the board.


Here is a link to the thread:


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