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and THAT'S why your business sucks!

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I'm sorry Becks. That's so rude and annoying! I hate snobby pet owners who think they know everything or believe their method is the only way to raise animals. It reminds me of those parents who would say, "Oh my, your one year-old child isn't playing the cello and learning Farsi yet? What's wrong with you?"


Post some puppy pics!

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Ummm...any GOOD groomer would know how to work with any dog to calm him/her down and get through the grooming, ESPECIALLY with a good natured dog like yours sounds like! I would go somewhere else.


I would be SO pissed. Believe me, I think my dog is my baby and came out of my womb...people think I'm obsessed. When I told people I was planning on registering at the Boston store, they thought I was talking about a BOSTON TERRIER store, and I was like, why would you think that? And they were like, because you're OBSESSED!


Anyone who talked like that about how I raise my dog would get the redhot side of my tongue in .02 of a second. I would call the manager and complain! A LOT!


*whew* I'm all fired up right now. LOL!

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