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Eat Clean Diet?


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From what I have read eating clean is more about lean protiens (salmon, turkey, chicken, filet if you have to have beef), fresh vegetables, egg whites and fruit (natural sugar). Also fiber like oatmeal and yams. You can still have pasta but it should be whole wheat. It's very much a lifestyle change, not just a diet.


I know it gets very confusing, I am a fan of Oxygen magazine, since no one thoroughly explains what "clean" is.

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What JMO mentioned about eating really clean is exactly right except no pasta for me just yet. My nutritionist put me on this diet/lifestyle change and says the diet is also used by weight lifters prepping for competitions. I told her I wanted to start eating and making better food choices not mention getter leaner for the wedding:) so in essence it is both cleansing and weight loss. I eat 6X a day, eating what JMO listed; biggest meal is breakfast and smallest is dinner. Breakfast is 4 egg whites, half a cup of oatmeal with blueberries, snack is an apple with yogurt (Greek yogurt called FAGE), lunch is a protein with salad or tuna (no mayo) on one slice of this flour and low carb bread called eziekiel bread, another snack, and dinner is protein, salad, half of a yam and a veggie, and dessert is... sugar free jello with cottage cheese-sounds gross but it is not too bad. The cottage cheese is added protein. I can only eat 1500 calories a day.

I am not a big ice cream fan but due to the warm weather, I say people eating ice cream everywhere which made ice cream my craving of the day.

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