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Hi there!


Just looking for advice or comments about any photo sharing websites that you ladies may have used to upload and share photos with you guests.


We would really like for all our guests to have access to the account and be able to upload their photos all to one place (vs. each having individual accounts and having to share albums). We would also like to maintain some control over it (i.e. not have everyone use the same log in and password to one account) so that photos can't be deleted by accident by someone.


My DH is looking into this, but I thought that all of you that have done this before might have some thoughts on which programs worked for you.



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this subject has already been discussed extensively! please use the search function in the top right corner to help preserve precious forum space :)


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with all due respect, the search function really sucks. it is seriously the only negative thing i've ever found about this forum. every day there is at least one post that starts off "i tried to search for this BUT ..."


i found this thread by searching "photo share." is there a way to search only thread titles, rather than entire threads? am i missing something?

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