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Excited, but Stumped

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Hi there ladies!! My name is Cathy, and I'm still undecided.


I'm just looking for a few fresh ideas. This will be my 7th wedding, and you'd think I wouldn;t be this nervous. I think this one is a real winner and I don;t want to mess it up.


I've already done the traditional wedding thing, theme wedding, vegas wedding, cruise wedding, beach wedding. I'm starting to get tapped out of ideas.


Some people have been telling me perhaps I should downplay this one a bit, but I just love weddings so much. I suppose I could recycle one of my previous dresses, but money isn;t really an issue in this wedding. Score!


I guess I just want something fresh and funky. Most of my friends have been married for some time now, and I haven;t been to a wedding in a while (that wasn;t my own) to get some new ideas.


smile03.gif Thks a bunch smile03.gif



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For real? Go to the court house, wait it out, and down the road if you are certain this is permanent you can have a vow renewal as flashy and funky as you like. Not sure what else to suggest...other than turning your love for weddings into a career as a wedding planner wink.gif

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