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Just Married January 19, 2009 ~ ROR Wedding Review!

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I just got back on Saturday and had an amazing time! I'll try to include everything if anyone has any questions at all, just ask! Pictures are coming just trying to figure out how to post them!


Accomodations - The rooms are beautiful and spotless. Everything is so new I was amazed at how clean they kept everything especially the public bathrooms. We were upgraded to a full suite overlooking the ocean and it was absolutely gorgeous and so big! They usually upgrade the wedding couple the night before the wedding, but talk to Chandlyn or Nekeisha, they can get you upgraded much earlier, we only stayed 2 days in a regular room the next 12 we were in the suite!


Food - Everyone we were with said the food was awesome and I agree. So much selection of all foods including western food, I didn't hear one complaint about food issues! Except the night of our wedding they had lobster and we missed that! The A la cart restaurants are a pain you have to get there at 8 am to book a time they seat ppl at 630 730 and 930. A lot of times though you can get them later in the day but only for the 930 slot. You can also just try to tip them 5 bucks to get in at a better time.


Beaches/Pools - The pools are so huge sometimes I couldn't even find my group. There are usually lots of beach chairs open and the pools aren't too crowded. The ocean is calm, turquoise and unbelievably beautiful. I'm looking at pictures now and I can't even believe we were just in such an amazing place!


Wedding Planning - I spoke to Chandlyn and Nekeisha a couple time before I left to secure the dinner and the Seagrape reception. Everything else I spoke to them about down there. They are so accomodating and are wonderful to work with, everything is no problem! The 'planning' literally took about 15 minutes and we were done!


Hair - Me and my 4 bridesmaid all got our hair done at the resort. They have two stylists, one is amazing the other not-so-good. The girls who got there hair done by the not-so-good stylist, weren't very happy. But all in all we're in Jamaica so it wasn't a big deal! The girls hair were $85 each and mine was $100 and that's with a 15% discount. We weren't happy with the price but you don't have many options down there. (to get the 15% discount at the spa, ask the reception desk for a Riu Class card, they`re free and they also get you 1/2 price on internet time and discounts with Scuba Caribe)


Ceremony - Our ceremony was 11 am, we went with the free package, with an aisle runner. The weather was beautiful not a cloud in sight. It was very very hot, don't forgot sunscreen, if your taking pictures you will get burnt, like I did! The minister was so great and funny he read everything like we wanted and added things in here and there that made it perfect! We danced back down the aisle and I will never forget it!


Photo/Video - We had Misha Earle as our photographer, and she was so great we don't have all the pictures yet but what we got so far are amazing! She was patient and very creative. We also got the video from the photoshop at the resort. It is amazing!!! I wasn't going to get it because it's pricey $330US but we had a couple friends who chipped in for it, so thats the only reason we had it and I am soooo impressed it really is beautiful and such a great keepsake, and for all the people that couldn't make it, it's really like you sitting in the front row. Anyone who has lots of family not attending I highly reccomend the video!


Reception - We had a private reception at the Plantation because we had over 50 people, we actually had 80 people attend, unbelievable! Dinner was at 630 and we rented the DJ's equipment for a mic and music so we could do speeches at the restaurant. It was buffet and everyone really enjoyed it, we were done dinner right at 830 and headed down to the seagrape beach party.


Seagrape - Wow! they set up the beach chairs surrounding the dance "sand" and took the centerpieces from the dinner over as well. It was so beautiful. We had the dances there and partied all night. So much fun a lot people watched from above but that's no problem, I watched weddings too all week! We got the DJ and bar till 12 orginally Nekeisha said we could only get it till 1030, if you want it later it is possible, 1030 definitely wouldn't have been long enough. At the end of the night the entire wedding group ran into the ocean, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone! It was so amazing everyone was raving about it for days afterward!



I had a incredible wedding and a great vacation! I wouldn`t change a single thing! All you ladies are going to a have a great time, and remember in Jamaica everything is no problem, mon! So try not to stress too much about the small things. In the words of Bob Marley "Baby don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright"


Sorry this was so long!

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I'm not sure how to post pictures and I also would love to post the video somewhere if anyone knows how let me know! We had the DJ for the seagrape and had absolutely no problem hearing the music. And I'm sorry I didn't catch the name of my Hairstylist, but she is the one that is normally there everyday i think the other one only comes in when she needs help

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Thanks for the review, I keep reading a lot of mixed reviews on here, especially about the rooms & the restaurants in particular, sometimes you have to bribe them with tips to get in the a la carte restaurants?


Congratulations & best wishes, glad you had a wonderful time

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