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Anyone bringing home their bouquets?

Any idea how to conserve them until returning after a week or more away from home? I don't think I would send it back with anyone.


I can just see myself sitting on the plane ride back with my wilting bouquet in my lap.


"Excuse me ma'am, you will have to put that in the overhead or under the seat infront of you"...


Click the image to open in full size.

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I'm pretty sure it's a no go on the bouquet on the plane. US Customs is where you will have the prob. They are very touchy about plant & animal stuff coming in from foreign countries.


I just kept my bouquet in a large glass (I called it a vase) while we were still in Cabo until it completely wilted to death. It was sad sad.gif


(PS...it just occured to me that y'all might not take me very seriously with today's siggy pic!)

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Originally Posted by RaydensMama View Post
I dont think theres any way to get it back sad.gif I was sad about this too. Try pressing one flower in a big book in your suitcase. Im sure they would never see it and its a little memory :)
That's a good idea. I am so #$@%^ sentimental ... a pressed flower will do :) Thank you!
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Someone mentioned that you could send it off from mexico to have it dried and then shipped to you at home, but I don't remember where the places were and I want to say it was expensive to do, there is a thread around here somewhere where we were talking about it, but I have no idea which one!

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