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Monetary amounts for people's wedding gifts

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#21 MelissaH

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    Posted 20 April 2007 - 12:37 AM

    I usually give about $100-200

    We got everything from $50 to $5000 though (well...$5000 from one person LOL the next highest amount was $350)

    #22 jdweinbe

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      Posted 20 April 2007 - 12:55 AM

      I think it really depends on the person giving the gift. I gave my best friend $50 and spent an airline ticket and hotel to go to her wedding. I was only working 13 hours a week and just could not afford to do any more. I didn't feel bad...she knew I couldn't.....So I guess it depends: that rich aunt that lives in NY pulling $100,000 giving $50 is different than your friend trying to make ends meet giving $100...everyone does what the can....hopefullly.....heheee!

      #23 starchild



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        Posted 20 April 2007 - 02:32 AM

        Originally Posted by Nrvsbride
        My FI called me today to complain that he spent $14 on a smoothie shake in NYC. It is just so expensive-Glenda
        I'm sorry but did the smoothie have Patron in it?!?!? Good God that's a lot for smashed fruit! Maybe it costs a lot to ship fruit to NYC, I guess you don't grow much in the winter . . . WOW!

        On to the gifts, I don't give cash or gift certificates since I shop sales and get stuff that's worth more than a gift certificate would be. The last wedding I attended I paid $45 for a set of Austrian Crystal flutes that were originally $130 and nobody was the wiser. I wouldn't have paid the $130 because it was just a co-worker, but I would spend that on someone close to me. Melissa I hope I have a $5000 guest . . . I hope I have a $500 guest for that matter!!

        #24 MelissaH

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          Posted 20 April 2007 - 02:38 AM

          LOL it was my mom - because her and my dad saved so much on our wedding with it being a dw they gave us the rest of what they would have spent on a wedding at home as a wedding gift (and bought us all new appliances for our house) - i'm a lucky girl

          #25 starchild



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            Posted 20 April 2007 - 02:48 AM

            Sweet! Let's hope my parents follow suit . . . they did just refi their house . . . hmmmm. . .I better not get a blender from them, LOL

            #26 *JillD*

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              Posted 20 April 2007 - 06:53 AM

              I'm late to this, but I'm part of the cheap crowd too, we usually give $100 for most weddings, if its a close friend or family member $200, but no more than that.

              I've always heard you should give at least enough to cover the cost of your plate, with that being said how do you really know what your plate cost without asking, lol!

              I don't think anyone sounds cheap for giving a $60 gift or $50 gift, etc... I've had weddings that I was in and gave $50 because I spent so much money on everything else and also didn't work much at the time, and my friends knew that.

              Most of the time when I've heard someone complain about a gift was when a family of 4 (mind you only the adults were invited) shows up to an expensive evening wedding and gives a gift of $20, ummm, thats kind of ridiculous, but whatever!

              I like the idea of shopping the sales too and getting something worth a lot more than you actually paid for it.

              #27 TammyB

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                Posted 20 April 2007 - 07:42 AM

                Ok I'll chime in, my side of the family isn't well off at all, shoot Cain's side is about average.. With that said when I was married the first time, I got a gift from my aunt, one of the ones that actually has alot of money what did she get me a set up plates with the price tag still one.. so how much were they you may be thinking? $9.99 that's right just under TEN dollars.. So with that said if someone gave me $100.00 I would be EXTREMLY greatful..

                #28 TammyB

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                  Posted 20 April 2007 - 07:44 AM

                  BTW Melissa, can you send me the address to the person that gave you 5K I want to invite them to my wedding.. lol

                  #29 cancunbride2be

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                    Posted 20 April 2007 - 10:30 AM

                    I can't believe people are reaching the thousands!! From what I understand...you normally try to cover the price per plate and maybe a little extra , if you can. I normally do $200-250/couple. And ,of course, you always end up buying ~$50 of bridal shower gifts.
                    For my wedding, since it's a DW, I am really not expecting more than $50/couple because of the extra expense. Which means i won't even come close to breaking even for the wedding! We'll see. All you married ladies...what was your average gift amount?
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                    #30 Natalie Z

                    Natalie Z
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                      Posted 20 April 2007 - 10:41 AM

                      I'm late on this as well but normally if it is a good friend of mine I give $200-$250. But if it is Lance's friends he starts in the $300-$500 range and I think that is crazy!!

                      I use to give $100 and I was happy with that until Lance told me that he didn't like that, so I think it is based on your own beliefs!

                      Glenda I would just give as much as you can afford, I mean I don't think anyone would say you were cheap!! I'm sure they know you are saving up for a wedding as well!

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