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My OOT Bags~ the big hits and the things that weren't used

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Totes ($dollar store Canadian flags on them) most used them daily

Travel mugs ($ store) bought sharpie poster paint and put Puerto Plata and their names on it. They scrathced off by the end of the week, but everyone used these!

Band Aids - blisters like crazy for our group

Conversion charts we laminated a chart of the exchange rate as of a few days before we left with Domincan peso to American on one side and USD to CDN on the other

Odour eliminator -people sprayed rooms, clothes...

Face cloths - Norwex face cloths can take off make up with only water and they rarely give you face cloths down there.

Welcome booklet with guest pics and names. Helped everyone feel part of the group.


Beach balls/footballs - no one used them they all just veggied out.

Sewing kits - no one repoted needing it, but I have been on vacation and a bathing suit strap needed repair and I didn't have anything, so still glad I put it in (so cheap.)

lip balm - never saw anyone use and we didn't touch it.

post its - not many used.

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Originally Posted by jojoboone1109 View Post
great thread, good for us newbies.. never thought about the first aid kit! does anyone know where you can get custom stickers to stick on the oot bags?
I printed mine at Zazzle. It was 4.95 a page~ you get 20 stickers per page if you get the small ones and 6 stickers per page if you get the large ones. I recommend the large ones. The small ones would be good if they only have an image and not writing as the writing comes out very small. The large ones came out great.

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Originally Posted by *Heather* View Post
This is a great thread! Thanks for starting this Kelly - I'm definitely going to take these posts into consideration...
I'm glad I could contribute something useful! And Heather, I LOVE those shoes!

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