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My OOT Bags~ the big hits and the things that weren't used

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Hello Ladies- I found some great Soduku/crossword/wordsearch  books at Michaels the other day for $1 each!  I was really excited because the only other books I was able to find were from dollarama and they were the "chicken soup series."  Happy Shopping!

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Originally Posted by JUSTUSTWO View Post


Originally Posted by KLC77 View Post
So, I thought it might be helpful for people who are putting together their OOT bags to know some of the things that people liked in mine and what they didn't really use.



My bags had a lot of different stuff in them. The things that people used most and were really excited for were:


Decks of cards (a last minute addition that I'm glad I put in)~ it was cloudy for several days and these came in handy

First Aid Kits~ the bandaids were good for people who got blisters

and the Pepto bismol tablets and Motrin


I also would've added twice as many Motrins to the bags. I put in the 99 cent packs that had a total of 6 tablets in them. People used them and probably could've used more.

Originally Posted by maymeliabride View Post
I agree this is good info to have, I hope more people post their results as well. :)

I am really interested to know if guests enjoyed/ used the travel mugs as they are one of the more expensive items I was planning on putting in the bags! Thanks Kelly!

My big hits:

The deck of cards

First aid kit which had packets of Tylenol, Motrin, & Immodium, Purell hand wipes, & chapstick

Flip flops for both men & women

The mini-wallet/purse used as a key card holder or for money

The pashminas-the women loved them, especially for late nights in the lobby, on the beach & in restaurants for dinner.

And yes, the travel mug was the biggest hit by far! Everywhere we went on the resort, my guests had their mugs. It was very convienent and well used at the bar!


The only thing that I second guess is the use of the monogrammed canvas tote as the OOT bag itself.

While I loved it & will certainly use it again & again, I wonder who else will really use it again, with the exception of my mother! While it made for a great beach bag as I did see my guests using it on the beach or on our shopping tours, I'd still love to know if it will get used this summer by anyone else. Maybe I should have gone with the personalized paper gift bag or god forbid, skipped putting my monogram on it & just gone with a generic Jamaica design.

Just food for thought for you brides to be!

I've thought about the same thing, but don't wanna go with the throw away bags because for $1 for a canvas tote, you really can't beat it.  I think i'm going to go with a stamp design for something beachy or mexico related instead of the personalized monogram or our names. 

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Hello Fellow Canadians!  I just received an email update from Canadian Tire that the 20oz Bubba Mini Keg's will be $6.99 (reg $13.99) from Dec 21-27th.  Product #0423659.  Happy Shopping!

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I went to Hobby Lobby today and they had 66% off christmas stuff.  My colors are going to be fushia pink with orange accent.  They had some really cute hot pink bags with circles I am going to use for the OOT bags.  They also had lots of hot pink ribbon and tulle.  Keep an eye out in the after Christmas sales!!!!

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Oooo, we have a new hobby lobby. I think I will go see what I can find!!

Thanks so much for sharing! This is a great thread!

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