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My OOT Bags~ the big hits and the things that weren't used

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I did snag a great deal on pashminas and i posted it on the New Pashmina Order! thread


hope this helps

Originally Posted by wilsonj2 View Post

Anybody purchased cheap (but nice) pashminas lately?  Are there any items you had trouble bringing through customs?

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Leanne - We haven't decided yet on what Calvin (my FI) is gonna wear.. I think I need to get my backside into gear LOL.... But we are quite a laid back couple... :-)


Michelle - Love your AHR invites (so pretty) especially as they are from your children it is a wonderful way of keeping them involved, (think I might steal this idea!!! if you don't mind). Good luck with your dress fitting....... x


I haven't even decided on a colour for my daughter's bridesmaid dress yet...  xx

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