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My OOT Bags~ the big hits and the things that weren't used

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We ordered our OOT bags (personalized jute bags) from discountmugs.  Most of our guests used these as some didn't bring beach bags and others just didn't want to get theirs dirty with sand so I think it was a hit.


Inside our OOT bags - 1 per room:

  1. Kwik Tek Dry Pak wallet (Waterproof pack) from Amazon ($5.75 each) - this was a HIT!  People used this for their keys and tip money in the pool, snorkeling, etc and kept everything completely dry.... everyone loved this one!
  2. Keycard holder with whistle from orientaltrading - per guest - this was definitely used by the guests who didn't grab the dry pak first
  3. Hand Sanitizer from Bed Bath and Beyond - didn't quite see people using this
  4. Pashmina - our lady guests definitely found this useful since it was quite chilly in the morning and night and so this was quite handy.
  5. Flip flops from Oldnavy - per guest - half of the guests wore the ones we provided
  6. Personalized playing cards with our logo from artscow (I got these on sale for $4.99/deck) - didn't really see people using this since most were lounging in the sun
  7. Welcome photo books - most people didn't even spend time looking through this and we spent a long time working on them... :(
  8. First aid kit from Target
  9. Medicine pouch - Immodium, Tylenol, Pepto, Mosquito repellent, after sting, after sun, antiseptic wipe and Neosporin from minimus
  10. Bowtie bottle opener - not used


In general, I think the biggest hit was the dry pak since most of guests didn't have one and it's something useful for their future trips.  First aid and medicine pouch most commented were thoughtful.  Families with kids were typically prepared but others did break in to the kit and pouch.


Hope this helps.

I will definitely get the dry pak wallet , the medicine pouch, Don´t know about the pashminas...and for sure will get them Sunscreen lotion!!!  Thank you OURVM!

Have you posted your review yet?? I can´t wait to read it! msnparty.gif

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Originally Posted by aimstar View Post
Thanks for the tips! How much should you normally spend on each OOT bag?
I would agree that it depends on your budget and the size of your group. We've got a fairly small group (20 people or so) and I've set aside about $1500 USD for ours.


Does anyone know if you carry on the OOT what the dollar value is for customs before you have to pay custom fees on the bags?





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Great info!


I have decided to include Word puzzles/Sodoku books as well! I thought that it would be great lounging by the pool or down time in the room. Also, lots cheaper than a gossip magazine in each bag! I thought about a Spanish/English translation book but won't spend too much on it...


Thanks for the tip to double up on pain reliever. Makes sense! Might double up on Imodium too!


Did anyone pack bottled water in the OOT bag? I am thinking of purchasing labels on-line and purchasing the bottled water from Wal-Mart in Cancun.




April 2, 2011 DRC

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Originally Posted by Steve&Julia View Post
Hi ya, so I have the bags from vista print...LOVE THEM and for like $5 with a coupon it was worth it, i have a bunch of small stuff but i wanted to know if anyone heard of some bug repilent wristband? my wedding planner mentioned it to me, I looked these things up and they aren't cheap but any feed back from you??


Also those who already got married how did you handle the welcome bags, my WC told me it would cost me $4 per bag per room, NUTS.

right now i have 15 rooms booked and my wedding is in july so ppl will still book i am not trying to spend $100 to have a person use a key card to put a bag in aroom


Feed back pls

We greeted all of our guests and handed each bag out. I didnt really want to pay $5 per room and I felt like greeting our guests really got them excited as well!!


This may be a stupid question but how did you know exactly when the guests arrived at the resort?  We will know when there flights arrive but we have guests coming in anywhere from Tuesday before the wedding (on Sat.) to Friday.  I also do not want to pay a fee for the hotel to distribute the bags. 

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a lot of great info in this thread! Thank you for the info!

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