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My OOT Bags~ the big hits and the things that weren't used

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Originally Posted by kenwedjam0902 View Post
I was thinking of having canvas bags with our initials monogrammed on them but my Mom asked me that very question. And I know for myself that I typically don't reuse the bags that I get form conferences, parties, etc and I figured my guests wouldn't either. So we are going with the tan paper bags instead as it is more cost effective (I am watching every penny :) and I can still put our initials on the front. But thanks for the list should and shouldnâ€t. I wasn't even thinking of put medication in the bags but that does make sense. Has anyone put bottled water in the bags with the personalized labels?? Is it a needed expense because it looks nice and everything matches or will I be ok with the Deer Park or Poland Spring labels?? Or should I not put in the water bottles??
i think it depends on your resort...i'm not putting water bottles in the bags b/c each room at the resort has a mini fridge that is stocked daily with bottled water and beer.

Originally Posted by Meitra View Post
Where can I get a good deal on about 25 decks of playing cards (not personalized) that are not the flimsy oriental trading ones?
i got our playing cards at the dollar store, 2-pack for $1 and they are full-size, and not flimsy

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