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Destination Wedding Invites???

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#1 SummerandIsaac

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    Posted 23 January 2009 - 04:14 PM

    I am unsure about how to word our invites... We are getting married in Montego Bay, Jamaica and having a reception party at home the weekend we return. I know that the majority of the people we are inviting to the reception party would not be able to attend the wedding in Jamaica, however, I do not want to leave them out of the invitations because you never know, plus they may be offended if they are at least asked to attend the actual wedding even if they can’t make it. Personally, we are not trying to "run away" from everyone to be married... It is just what works best with our budget and schedule so we would love for whoever wants to attend to be there.

    I just don’t know about including all of this into the invitations… I thought about adding a brochure or letter with the invitations, but I don’t know. And if I do that though, what should I say on the actual invite and then what do I include in the letter/brochure? Thanks so much for any advice!


    #2 Marnie&Peter

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      Posted 24 January 2009 - 07:52 PM

      We sent out a letter to everyone that we wanted to have at our destination wedding. We are getting married in April 2009 as well and we sent out our letter invites in May 2008. In the letter we just said that we are going away to get married, where, how much it would be for people to go, who to contact if interested and that we will be having an at home reception later on when we get back as well.

      Our at home reception will be at the end of May and I will be sending out invites for those probably mid-late Feb. Those invites say that we are getting about to get married and would love for people to join us when we return to celebrate, where we are havin the reception, time, etc. I am sending those invites out to everyone that i sent a letter invite to, whether they are able to come to our destintation wedding or not...plus sending it out to all those other people that we did not invite to the actual wedding..

      I think we ended up inviting 60 to Jamaica with us and about 32 are coming. We totally thought that it would be like 10 of us...but you will be surprised at what people want to do! And we are inviting another 40 people to our at home reception to make it 100..

      Hope that helps!

      #3 Celina

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        Posted 25 January 2009 - 11:11 AM

        Our invitations included:

        An invitation to the actual wedding in Mexico.

        A reception card that read : A brunch reception honoring the newlyweds will be held on ___________ at________ in Denver, Colorado

        A RSVP card that read:
        Yes Ill be alble to attend the wedding in Mexico_______
        No, I won't attend in mexico but send well wishes ______

        Yes I'll be able to attend the brunch in Denver _______
        No I won't attend the brunch but send well wishes ______

        By doing this we were able to track both invites to the wedding and the brunch. Everything matched and the package as a whole came out beautifully.
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