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Chair/Arbor rental

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We're trying to set up a lot of the rentals ourselves as we are having a very small and intimate wedding. We are not staying at any of the resorts that offer wedding packages and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for places to rent chairs and an arch or arbor?

Thanks for your help!

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Here are some rental companies in Cabo they are Mexican owned so they probably only speak spanish and will be a little more limited in their selections. I'm getting the info from a Cabo phone book that I "borrowed" from the hotel.


It looks like they have basic chairs with chair covers, linen & ties, as well as tents, glassware etc.. They will probably be considerably cheaper than the americanized companies.


Cabo Fiestas:

624 1734799

Servifiestas diamante:

624 1444958

Servifiestas Jorsh

624 1460874


If anyone needs me to look something up for them in the phone book just let me know.

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