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PDC giftshops and luchador masks

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I am in need of tin ornaments and luchador masks, and I was wondering if those things were readily available at giftshops in CUN or PDC. I feel silly importing them back to mexico if I can get them there, possibly cheaper than the US!


Has anyone seen them, and how much do they cost?


Thanks a bunch!

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I definitely know they have the luchador masks in PDC. They had them everywhere in the shops there. Even the vendors that came to our resort had them though PDC is usually cheaper for everything. Not sure on cost though. Sorry. If you decide to wait and pick them up in PDC, you will need to barter for a good price. I didn`t pay face value or original asking price for anything in PDC. I was with my MIL and she is one great barterer:)

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