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Back from my Wonderful ROR Wedding!!

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Hello Everyone,


This is going to be a lengthy review and please feel free to ask me any questions or concerns you have! Here it goes!


We arrived at the resort around 12:30am, so we all basically got there and went to bed! But the Lobby was gorgeous and the staff was there waiting for us with some rum punch! They were really organized and got us all checked in quickly and not one person had any problems!!



I will say that the hotel is HUGE! The walk to our rooms seemed to take hours and because we upgraded to a Junior Suite all of our other guests were at the other end of the hotel, miles away!! I have to be honest and say that I was a little disappointed with our room. Like I said we did upgrade to a Junior Suite, but I was hoping for a bigger room than what we got. The view was amazing it was ocean all around. We were close to one of the pools and really close to the beach. We went to front desk the next day to see if we could upgrade to the honeymoon suites (with the jacuzzi on the balcony) but they wanted to charge us $75 per person per night, so we settled with what we were given.



The food was the only part of the trip that we had problems with. As soon as we got there we wanted to reserve our A La Carte dinners, but unfortunately all of the restaurants were already booked so we were only able to eat at an A La Carte the last night we were there and only because we had to pay them to let us eat there. The only one we could pay to let us in was the Mammee Bay Steakhouse and it was amazing!!! The steak was perfect and the desserts there were awesome!!


The Wedding:


Most of our wedding was handled by Nikki not by Chandlyn. She was really great and met with us the day after we arrived, this is when we payed for everything. I had planned on having my reception dance at the Seagrape, but realized the night before the wedding, as I watched another reception going on at the Seagrape, that the main stage is just above the Seagrape and you couldn't here their music over the Show happening on the stage. We just brought our I-Pod speakers so we knew you would never hear our music!! So the day before the wedding I had to rush around and find Nikki so I could change, and she was very accomodating and changed us to the poolside dance reception.

So the morning of the wedding I went to the Renova Spa, I was very nervous because I had a hair trial a few days prior and it went very horribly wrong, I cried for hours because the girl in the Salon (Nicki) just was not changing my hair the way I had asked. But the day of the wedding she did an amazing job!! I suggest not doing a hair trial!!! I changed the style completely and wore my hair down, it looked exactly the way I wanted it to!! It did not fly away or get fuzzy at all!! I did my own make-up.

Our wedding as at 1:00pm at the beach gazebo, the weather was perfect!! My flowers arrived at 12:40pm, so I was getting alittle nervous, but I was so happy with them when they came!!! I ordered them all through Tai Flora, mine were a dozen red roses and the girls both had white roses, they were absolutely amazing and definately were way better than I was expecting. At 12:45pm my decorations for the gazebo were still not set up, or my chairs, so I was in my room pacing!!! My room was 1262, and a perfect spot if you are getting married on the beach because it overlooks the gazebo and the beach arch!! But they got it set up just in time!! It looked amazing, again it completely exceeded my expectations, the flowers were amazing and the tuling and I got the chair covers and sashes at the last minute. The officiant was amazing and read everything perfectly!! I would definately suggest getting the microphone for the ceremony, we had it and everyone said they could hear us so clearly! The music was nice and loud!! There were lots of on-lookers but I really wasn't even paying attention, the gazebo is at the far end of the resort so it is fairly private. For the rest of the day everyone just kind of hung out, pictures took a couple hours (but I brought own photographer) we all changed into our bathing suits and hung out at the pool. Around 5:00pm we got dressed again and did alot of pictures at this time of day, it is nice because it is sunny but not so much that we were squinting.

Then we ended up going to the Plantation for dinner, we had 48 people and they said they could not accomodate us at the Mammee Bay. So dinner was kind of a mess, we didn't finish until 9:30pm, they were really slow and we got our food, and some people didn't eat until an hour after us? But we did speeches in between salad and dinner. We could have used a microphone but they told us this wasn't possible. No one really heard the speeches because there were two other wedding dinners going on, so it was really noisy!! The cake was amazing!!! I went with the free one I think it was vanilla with some srawberries in it, the perfect size for 50 people. They brought all my decorations and chair covers up to the Plantation for the dinner, so it looked great!!

The reception:

Wow! It was so much fun and completely out of control!! We changed last minute to the poolside location and I am so glad! It is at the far pool and therefore completely private!! We had a blast! We used our I-Pod and brought our speakers with us, it was plenty loud enough! The bartender wanted to close up around 12:00pm, because we were only suppose to go until 11:00pm, but dinner was so late they gave us some extra time. Anyways the bartender left at about 12:00pm, but we definately didn't stop! Actually my father got behind the bar and started bartending (like I said everyone was out of control)!!! They left the booze there for us!! So finally at 1:30am security came and shut us down, but we had a really amazing time!!!


The entire wedding was amazing and I would not have changed a thing!! Nikki was amazing to work with! I have to say that it is really important to have a wedding rehersal!! That definately saved us! The week was awesome, it was great weather. The nightly shows were really good too, but got a little repetitive by the end of the week. I didn't do any of the excursions because I felt like the wedding kept me busy enough. My biggest problem was getting time to fit everyone in, and that was my own fault. The first three days I spent my day walking up and down the beach and between both pools trying to visit with everyone. But you really have to try and relax, and just let your guests come to you!!! All-in-all it was an AMAZING trip!!!



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