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Calling all November 2009 Brides!

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Melissa I love the shoes.


Amanda (Amanseth) thanks for your kind words. I've mellowed. You guys should have seen me freaking out today. After I finished my venting on here I went to get dressed for work and couldn't find my brown pants that I had planned to wear. I went crazy in here. I kept bb messaging my fi like DID YOU MOVE MY PANTS I REALLY REALLY NEED TO WEAR THEM. He's great with me bc he's so calming even through bb mess. He's like Ash if I moved them they are still somewhere in the bedroom. After about 25 mins of crying and throwing things I threw everything n the clothes hamper (clean laundry that I was too lazy to fold) and guess what came out.... my brown pants.

I then went to work (mind you i am a social worker and i work in a rather small agency where we're all like family) I didn't speak when I walked in so everyone's social work antennas went up. The next thing I knew one of my friends was thinking that I wanted to kill myself and was asking me to contract for safety. I'm like you've gotten be kidding me I'm stressed not suicidal lol. I'm usually the calm levelheaded one but this wedding is putting me in a different place. Luckily later my fi called me and said not to worry ab the $$ issues and surprisingly he handled everything including my other chore of adding me to his car insurance lol. So I'm good now.

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Ashley-sorry you're having so much stress but it sounds like you're in a better place this evening. I promise, it will all be worth it in the long run, you'll remember your wedding day forever and you'll forget the money issue.


Shoes....B's shoes came from zappos.com. They're Giorgio Brutini and we ordered them Thursday of last week so the shipping time was super fast.


Melissa-I ordered these off Etsy for my hair. I think they cost about $12.

Click the image to open in full size.

And I LOVE your shoes! Those will be perfect with your dress.

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