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Please help! Dress color question

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I think I may have posted this before so forgive me in advance!


My dress is Ivory with White lace overlay. I'm going to be ordering my veil online and I'm having a hard time deciding on what color veil to order...white, ivory or diamond white. Also what color shoes to order (ivory or white).


The flower girl dresses are also being ordered online and I don't know whether to get ivory or white for them? Also should the groom (who is wearing a tanish suit), best man (also in tan) and ring bearers will be wearing white shirts..but should they wear ivory?? I don't know what to do!

Does it even matter since technically my dress is both colors!!??

Thank you all so much for your help!

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I honestly think that's up to you.


IMHO, I think that the white would look stunning as an accent color given that your dress is ivory with a white lace overlay. I would do a white veil, white shoes, white FG dress, etc... It will make you stand out and the ivory in your dress will go well with the tan colors on the GM's and FI.

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