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Eva and Michael – Amazing Wedding Coordinators

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#11 pvbride2009

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    Posted 27 March 2009 - 08:33 PM

    Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for that great overview of your wedding.. im actually working with Michael and Eva on my wedding which is coming up on June 4th! And i have been very pleased with the communication i have had with them, i had the opportunity to meet them before we booked them and feel very comfortable with them and your post reassured my good judgement in going with Vallarta Weddings!

    #12 BN Fotografia

    BN Fotografia
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      Posted 23 April 2009 - 01:02 AM

      Great review! I am sure it will help many other brides.

      #13 eventsugar

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        Posted 30 May 2009 - 12:44 AM

        Hi Jessica!
        So happy to hear your positive review about Andre Ramos- it is who our WC recommends and I hadn't been able to find much info about them! Anything else you can tell me regarding their food- such as "must haves" or "avoid"? :) Also- we are getting married at Casa China Blanca as well- again- anything you wish you would have done? Or were so happy you did? Thanks SO much!

        #14 pvbeachbride10

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          Posted 04 August 2009 - 04:14 PM

          Follow up: We signed a contract and paid a deposit to work with Eva & Michael. I met with them in May and they have been great to work with!

          #15 DestBride7

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            Posted 20 September 2010 - 09:38 AM

            Originally Posted by Isolaede 

            Hello everyone:

            I’ve been lurking here quite some time, but haven’t posted until now. I had such an amazing wedding experience in PV, and I just wanted to send out a little love for my fantastic wedding coordinators - Eva and Michael from Vallarta Weddings (Vallarta weddings). I know how scary it can be trusting the fate of your wedding to strangers –so I figure sharing my experiences might help you make a decision on coordination.

            I owe every bit of my wedding success to these two. For a few pictures from the wedding, check out my photographer’s blog:

            Apertura Photography Blog Jessica + Jerry: The Slideshow!

            When I first started looking for coordinators in PV, I sent e-mails to all of the “big shops” – Dazzling Details, Eventful moments, etc. However, what impressed me about Eva and Michael initially was their response to my query. Every coordinator asks you to describe what you are envisioning for your wedding – Eva and Michael took that description and responded with a ton of pictures asking me if this is what I was thinking of. And the pictures were spot on with my vision!

            That sold me, and I booked with them right then. Their prices were FAR more reasonable then any of the other coordinators I’d considered which was a huge bonus as well.

            Review of the Coordination Process

            Since I couldn’t make it down to PV to do a taste test, I asked them to recommend a caterer that could pull off a good surf and turf dinner, and a baker that could pull off a delicious cake. They suggested Andres Ramos for our Caterer, and Pasteleria Charme for our baker.

            Throughout the coordination process, I sent Eva and Michael a ton of pictures trying to express how I “saw” the decorations. I was very specific in how I wanted things (I even went so far as to diagram where I wanted things in the house and Photoshop a few pictures of the villa with my decoration ideas – what can I say – I’m a geek). Eva did her research and responded in detail with what she could pull off and couldn’t. Of all the things I’d envisioned, she was able to find all but one of the elements I wanted.

            She sent me price sheets for everything, and worked with me on spots I thought seemed too expensive. For example: The florist had quoted a high price for some of the fabrics I’d requested, so Eva went to the store, bought all the fabric, and had a local seamstress hem it.

            Through the entire process, Eva and Michael were so supportive and kind. I always had the sense that they wanted my wedding to be just as perfect as I wanted it to be.


            Now we all know it can be a little scary trusting people we’ve never met in person with the coordination of one of the biggest events of our lives, and I won’t lie and say I didn’t have my worried moments. I worried the food wouldn’t be good, or the cake would have that annoying plastic tasting frosting, or the decorations wouldn’t look like I’d envisioned. But, I have to say, Eva and Michael managed to not just meet but exceed my expectations in every single way.

            Wedding Day Coordination: Eva and Michael arrived several hours before the wedding and coordinated the vendors so quietly and efficiently I hardly knew they were there. It was breath taking the way they transformed the villa. For those of you that have seen China Blanca – it’s beautiful to begin with, but Eva and Michael transformed it into something almost magical. They literally spent 12 hours working between the preparation, the wedding, and the take down, and they were consistently positive and delightful the whole time.

            The Catering: Andres Ramos’ Surf and Turf was to die for. The steak literally melted in the mouth – the only place I’ve had steak that good was Ruth Kris. And the shrimp.. whow! Purerto Vallarta has delicious seafood in general, but those tasty giant garlic butter shrimp were just delicious.

            The cake: Eva and Michael had recommended what they called a “cheesecake” from the bakery, and it was truthfully the most delicious wedding cake I’ve ever had. Picture a cheesecake, mixed with normal cake – super moist and delicious. We had the Coffee-Kalua flavor on the bottom, and a cheesecake-raspberry on the top. Literally everyone raved about the cake.

            DJing: Jerry and I hadn’t hired a DJ – we were planning on just plugging in an IPOD and going to town for our dancing. But as it turns out, Michael has an amazing DJ setup, and he managed our IPods all night, doing a fantastic job with our music.

            The decorations: Truthfully if there’s one area you might expect disappointment, it’s decorations. Even though, I’d sent Eva and Michael tons of pictures, I expected their artistic interpretation of my vision to be different. After all – they aren’t mind readers. Well… actually… I think Eva and Michael are part mind reader, part magician. They literally took everything I’d envisioned, made it better, then made it a reality. It was pure magic how they transformed the villa. I literally felt like I’d walked into a dream, when I walked downstairs and saw all the work they’d done.


            I can’t say enough good things about Eva and Michael. They are friendly, professional, hard working, and humble. If any of you wonderful people are looking for a wedding coordinator in PV – I highly recommend this couple. : )

            Kindest regards,


            Hi Jessica,


            Thanks for your review..it was extremely helpful! I too plan on booking my wedding at China Blanca for November 2011. I never thought I would be hiring a wedding planner however I think it would be my best bet to since I am having a villa wedding. I was curious to know how much Eva and Michael charged you. I know it's kind of a personal question but I would greatly appreciate it if you gave me a range. You can email me instead if you would like... kaver725@gmail.com. Thanks!



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