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Just married in Puerto Vallarta

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You guys are awesome! :) Thank you so much for the warm welcome.


WindyCityGirl: I ended up putting my guests up at the Sheraton Buganvilias, but I wasn't 100% happy with the hotel. The food and service were great there - it felt like a hotel here in the states. And location was perfect - within walking distance of down town. But the rooms seemed a bit dark and small. Fortunately my guests didn't seem to notice - they loved it there. I think I had just hoped to give my guests more of a Tropical vacation resort kind of experience at a hotel, and that's deffinitely not the vibe I got off of the Sheraton. I wish I could point you in a good direction for hotels. In truth, if I were to do it again, I think I'd arange to put some of my guests in a neighboring villa, if their budgets allowed.


I'm so happy to hear you are considering Vallarta Weddings for your coordination - you will not be disapointed. I actaully wrote up a review of my experience with them here, if you are interested:




What venue are you using for your ceremony and reception?


Best wishes,



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Dear Susanandmo:


We did our rehearsal / welcome dinner at Pipiâ€s. :)


We wanted nice, laid back Mexican food. Nothing fancy since we were doing an elegant surf and turf dinner for the wedding itself. We were also wanted to keep the costs down, since my father-in-law was paying. So, after MUCH debate we chose Pipiâ€s and couldnâ€t have been more thrilled with the place.


For everyone to eat a fajita dinner + one GIANT margarita (the size of your head) was about $17 a plate (which was MUCH cheaper than the other places weâ€d considered – El Arrayan and El Dorado – I couldnâ€t get Fajita Republic to call me back).


The restaurant isnâ€t much to look at, but the margaritas were the best we had in PV (and we tried a bunch), and the guacamole (served before every meal) was to DIE for. They also did this neat ceremony thing completely unasked for where they came out singing and smeared whip cream on us, and had us lick it off one another. LOL ok, so that sounds dirty, but it was actually a really sweet and fun ceremony.


The only catch? They donâ€t take reservations. However, during our wedding time (September 27 ish) they werenâ€t very busy with tourists, so they told us to show up about 30 minutes early and theyâ€d find tables for us. My amazing wedding coordinator also called them the day of the wedding, and reminded them that we were coming, so we had a sort of “soft reservation.†They had two giant tables waiting for us in the back when we arrived.


My best advice to any brides looking to book for your welcome dinners – let your coordinator handle it. I really tried to do it on my own, but so many of the restaurants there donâ€t have strong English speaking staff, and they donâ€t know how to “work the system†to get you the good deals or special service.


Kindest regards,



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