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Moon Dance Cliffs

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#351 Mastistyle

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    Posted 15 July 2009 - 09:27 AM

    MissBlade-we are only having the jamaican ceremony. I have heard mixed reviews about the time it takes to get the marriage certificate. (3 weeks all the way to 9 weeks!). And another date-more planning-something I don't want! :)

    Christy335-I know Miriam has been on vacation-but Kim should be able to get back with you.Are you calling the Chicago office?

    As far as the tips-everything we are paying for has a tax and gratuity added to it (18.25%)-so I am assuming that includes the WC. I am not trying to be cheap-but an additional tip adds up!

    #352 MissBlade

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      Posted 15 July 2009 - 03:32 PM

      Thanks for the feedback ladies. I guess it's just a matter of preference. I would like to get a better idea on the license turn-around time though.

      #353 Neha

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        Posted 15 July 2009 - 05:32 PM

        Miss Blade- we are having a jamaican ceremony only. We just think it's easier.

        Mastistlye- your list looks good! I can't think of anything else for the music.
        Also, everyone except the photographer is staying at the resort. We are paying $125 for her to attend. (keep in mind we're doing AI, so it may be different if you're not doing AI).

        Are you using the DJ's speakers for your ceremony music? (i.e- what are you playing the Ipod through?)

        I guess I'll just figure out the tips later...it does seem silly since we're already paying gratuity, but I just don't know about the wedding planner and Dj and Minister...hmmm...

        #354 Un-Bride

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          Posted 15 July 2009 - 10:07 PM

          Originally Posted by Un-Bride
          Hi everyone! I just took a look at the updated website for MDC and noticed that it is now advertised as All Inclusive. We booked December of 2008 for our trip this coming December. Has anyone heard about this? Does the grand opening rate I paid include this AI? The regular rates seem the same as what I remember from previously, but I could be wrong.
          Update ...
          I called Miriam last week and asked her about this ... if you booked before AI you can stay the way you booked or you can do AI for $125 per person per day. This would add $2000 to our trip! (and almost double the cost!!) I questioned her on this, because it sounded a bit ridiculous to me. I mentioned how the prices seem exactly the same as the grand opening rates and that if we did all inclusive we would be paying more than someone booking now... well, Miriam then told me that now the rates on the website are per person per day for the room/villa, where as before, it was the one price per day for 2 people. I don't know what you guys think of this, but it seems like they are trying to rip people off! It's not even really AI like other resorts ... NO all you can eat/drink, it's limited to 3 meals 3 snacks and bottom shelf liqours and beer, premium liquors and all wine comes at a cost. It just didn't seem worth 2 grand extra to us. So we are staying not AI. I asked if she could send us a sample menu and bar list so we would have some idea about prices but she said she didn't have access to that. I just hope they don't end up charging us $5 for a bottle of water.

          Also, has anybody else been getting the "I haven't forgotten about you" emails from Kerry? I have gotten it like 5 times and she keeps asking me for updates, but I have emailed her atleast 8 times now with updates and questions but I get no real response. Just the standard email that I assume she is sending to every bride.

          #355 Christy335

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            Posted 16 July 2009 - 10:01 AM

            Hi all. Thanks for the tips on who to call/contact. My wedding planner here was finally able to get ahold of the correct people and got us a pretty good rate.

            We are doing the AI rate even though we booked before the resort became AI only. But because we are having our ceremony and reception at MD Villas, if our guests are on the AI plan at the Cliffs, their meals are "free" at both resorts and we don't end up paying a large price tag on the reception meal. We are also doing a Welcome dinner and Rehearsal dinner which are included for all of our guests in the AI price they paid.

            Has anyone used Front Page Band already? What do they sound like?

            Thanks everyone, and happy planning!

            #356 big3n09

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              Posted 16 July 2009 - 02:54 PM

              Un-Bride - We're not doing AI either because it was $1500 more and we don't even eat that much, we like to venture out, and we will be making a liquor stroe trip. I was a little uncomfortable with my guest paying for their food at the reception but FI thought it was ok, in the end we agreed not to do AI. Kerry has actually been getting back to me and addressing my questions and request in a timely fashion. Try emailing Linus or call Mariam and voice your concern, that should help.
              4/1/11 in St. Kitts at the Marriott I married my best-friend!!!

              #357 Un-Bride

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                Posted 17 July 2009 - 05:10 PM

                Thanks big3n09. I will try to call Miriam again to see if she can get Kerry back in touch with me. We got another email from Miriam regarding AI yesterday, and she said since we were not going with the AI option, we would be allowed to bring in snacks and non alcoholic drinks, then in all caps she wrote that we could not bring in our own alcohol. I am not sure how strick they can or will be on this, but FI and I talked about it and we will be getting our driver to stop on the way to the hotel so we can pick up some things. I guess we will just put the alcohol in our luggage!

                #358 big3n09

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                  Posted 17 July 2009 - 06:36 PM

                  OK, never in my life heard of such! Never heard of a hotel saying you can't bring your own alcohol and guess what, she didn't tell me that I couldn't, so I will be. Unless it's drugs and illegal how can they even say that. If she means you can't have it at the pool or on the grounds outside then maybe but I just don't understand how they could say or try to enforce such a policy. Did you ask her to explain to you why not? I don't even want to have a conversation with her about it because I WILL be bringing my own and if she says that to me I will explain the risk of business they will loose from such a crazy policy.
                  4/1/11 in St. Kitts at the Marriott I married my best-friend!!!

                  #359 Un-Bride

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                    Posted 19 July 2009 - 01:07 PM

                    My sentiments exactly! I didn't bother to respond to that email. We plan on picking a few things up on our way in. I don't see how it could possibly be enforced. I guess I will find out in December!

                    #360 gbyrd

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                      Posted 29 July 2009 - 05:54 PM

                      It's official, I am a moon dance cliffs bride. I just put down my deposit today. I will be staying with my guests at moon dance villas for 4 days and then having my wedding, reception and honeymoon at Moon Dance Cliffs. My FI is a little upset that everyone will get to see our honeymoon site, but I think it would be nice for all to experience the hospitality of both moon dance properties. I am so excited. August 21, 2010!!!

                      Now on to photographers, I am looking at either Sungold or Michael Saab.

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