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Moon Dance Cliffs

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#341 big3n09

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    Posted 07 July 2009 - 11:57 PM

    Originally Posted by Un-Bride
    Hi everyone! I just took a look at the updated website for MDC and noticed that it is now advertised as All Inclusive. We booked December of 2008 for our trip this coming December. Has anyone heard about this? Does the grand opening rate I paid include this AI? The regular rates seem the same as what I remember from previously, but I could be wrong.
    If you are already booked then you are fine you do not have to do the AI, it's for new bookings. If your guest are not booked then they should extend the same to them because the whole group has to be either or. So if you don't want AI they have to extend that to your guest, if you want AI then all your guest have to do AI. I booked when the grand opening rates were still available and I don't typicallly do AI so we are not doing AI. Claudette who got married in May stated in her review, a few pages back, some things about doing AI in her post. It's def your preference.
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    #342 Mastistyle

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      Posted 08 July 2009 - 10:09 AM

      hi ladies-just wanted to say hi. I haven't posted in a while...how is everyones planning going? My invites will be sent out Monday. I just have to seal the inner envelopes and label them and they are done! I am at the point now that I just wanted to get them out the door...

      big3n09-We are not doing a video. FI and I went back and forth about it. There are pros and cons for each side-but in reality-we knew we would probably watch it just once after the wedding and we didn't want to spend that extra money.

      I know there are a few of us on here-but when are your wedding dates? I tried making a list from the posts-but BDW has been so slow...and I was getting impatient!

      #343 Neha

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        Posted 09 July 2009 - 05:24 PM

        Hi girls!!! I am still in full wedding planning mode. I am doing the AI option, so if anyone has specific questions, let me know. I just advertised to my guests that AI was the only option, and gave them a list of other resorts in the area in case they didn't want to do AI.

        big3n09: We are not doing a video person- I asked my brother and my FIs brother to bring their camcorders. I figure it will be funnier if it's a candid video =).
        Also, we are having our guests do all their own flight bookings, and then they send me the itinerary and I'm making a spreadsheet with all the flights/times for MDC to arrange airport transport.

        Mastistyle: My wedding is November 27th! Right after yours! yay!
        A couple questions for you girls:
        1. Do you think we're supposed to bring tips for the wedding planner, DJ, etc? I'm not sure how that works.

        2. What are you girls doing for ceremony music?

        3. What are you girls doing for centerpieces? I talked to Kerry about Floral Fantasies and I thought they were super expensive. Is everyone using them? I'm trying to avoid bringing all my own centerpieces with me, but I'm runnign out of options...

        Hope everyone's planning is going well!

        #344 big3n09

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          Posted 09 July 2009 - 08:23 PM

          I feel you guys on the video, I don't think we will really watch it either.
          My date is 5/15/10. FI is all of a sudden having something to say and he wanted samples from the band and DJ. Kerry said she couldn't get a sample from the DJ and we really didn't like how band sample sounded. So we are in limbo at the moment about music. I hate the idea of creating my whole playlist for them to just come and push play and use their speakers. I asked Kerry can I hire my own DJ and she hasn't responded yet. Ceremony music maybe ipod, not sure. I really feel like I need a photographer booked and I'm still working on that. I didn't think the flowers were expensive and you have to consider if you do pack them are you gonna have to pay extra for your bag being overweight or having multiple bags. Another option is not to put one on every table and bring some small candles and seashells to decorate the table with or buy some cheap items when you get there. Kerry said they have rounds and square tables that seat 8. The tables can be scattered or the square tables can be set up in a U shape. Claudette did also mention that they moved her flowers from the ceremony to the reception which I think is good.
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          #345 Mastistyle

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            Posted 10 July 2009 - 10:27 AM

            Neha-do you have any guests staying at other resorts? How much is MDC charging you for them to attend the wedding/reception?

            I am not sure what to do about tips-the resort already charges service and gratuity-so I am not sure to handle that.

            Ceremony music-probably using IPOD since it is just a few songs. I am having indian music as well as western songs for the ceremony.
            But can you tell me if I am leaving anything off?

            Guests being seated
            Minister entrance
            Groom's entrance
            (Bridal party)
            Bride's entrance
            (backround music for readings)
            Bride/Groom leaving
            signing marriage certificate

            Centerpeices-I am doing a combo of flowers and decorations I am bringing with me. We either spend the $$ on flowers that no one can take home, or we spend the $$ on an extra bag and we can bring that back home. So, I opted for the second.

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              Posted 12 July 2009 - 08:28 PM

              Hi all! I've got a question for everyone: We're getting married at Moondance Villas and have rented out the entire property (at full price), but we'll be having our "overflow" guests stay at Moondance Cliffs (about 20+ rooms). Has anyone been able to get a group rate for their guests staying at the Cliffs? I know that for stateside weddings, most groups are able to get a group rate available up to a certain date. I'm wondering if anyone has been able to do this at MDC. My wedding planner called about 2 weeks ago to find out about a group rate, but they have been VERY slow getting back to us. I figured that if I had any info about other group rates, I'd have some idea how to pursue this going forward. Thanks!

              #347 big3n09

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                Posted 12 July 2009 - 09:54 PM

                Not sure what they would give you on a group rate but it's worth asking. The site now is only advertising the AI rates. What number is you WP calling because when I call the 800 number that's on the site Kim or Miriam always answer and if they have to check on something they respond back to me pretty quickly.
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                #348 MissBlade

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                  Posted 14 July 2009 - 05:14 PM

                  LEGAL CEREMONY IN U.S.? HI moon dance cliffs brides. I was wondering if any of you were having a seperate legal ceremony in the US. I know that jamaica weddings are valid in the U.S. so I'm wondering if there is any advantage to doing so? I hear it takes a while to get your marriage license when you return.

                  #349 rydm

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                    Posted 14 July 2009 - 10:08 PM

                    Hi Ladies!!! Claudette is having a problem logging in to this site. I'm not sure if you're experiencing the same thing but it's been running VERY slow lately. But she asked me to tell you guys if you have a specific question, please send her a private message.

                    MissBlade - I was wondering the same thing. Not sure if there is any difference...but...we're doing it in Jamaica because we wanted the date to be the same as the ceremony date.

                    Mastistyle - Thanks again for the song list. It's very helpful! My wedding is just around the corner - 8/15/2009 :-))))))))))))). Oh....I reviewed your list and it looks good. I don’t think you’re leaving anything off.

                    Neha - I know the resort suggests 10% but that's only for the employees on site. Not sure if it includes the wedding planner. Ceremony music - I’m hiring Front Page Band....Oneika said I can use their speakers to play the ceremony music. Centerpieces - I might end up using Floral Fantasies. I know...it's expensive…but it's one less thing to worry about if I don't bring it with me.

                    Christy - Try e-mailing Kim (kim@moondancevillas.com). I've e-mailed her in the past and she usually gets back to me on the same day.

                    Big3n09 – Cute picture!

                    Happy Planning :o)

                    #350 big3n09

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                      Posted 14 July 2009 - 10:47 PM

                      Missblade - we are in the air right now on that but we may for personal preference reasons.

                      Rydm - thanks!!!
                      4/1/11 in St. Kitts at the Marriott I married my best-friend!!!

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