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Moon Dance Cliffs

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Originally Posted by claudette View Post
Hi Sparkles!

Yes I figured, hey, we should have our very own thread! wink.gif I'm sooo excited because today I put down our 20% deposit! So we are finally booked! Woohoo! I got so excited I even finished creating our wedding website - here it is if you want to take a peek!

Claudette and Jules - wedding website by mywedding.com

I created pages for my bridal party, but have them "turned off" but that's another story altogether! wink.gif

So since I'm just now starting the process, I will now begin the whole wedding planning stage with Linus. If I receive anything from him, I will definitely let you know...I'm sure they assume you have plenty of time so you can wait, but clearly they've never been a future bride! :)

I have contacted Sungold Photography to see if they're avaialble for my date - I think they're out of town so I have to wait and see. I also contacted Michael Saab, who is pretty pricey, but he is available and I love his pics...his link, just in case, is: Jamaica Wedding Photographer, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Kingston, Port Antonio, Jamaica Wedding

I'm not sure what to do with regards to entertainment - live band or DJ - I'm still undecided.

I'm so happy that there's a spa right there at the resort so we can get our hair and make-up done without worrying about transportation!

I'm trying to finalize my save the dates...I had a disaster with a hotel in Mexico and have ordered and had to cancel my save the dates TWICE! Luckily both times the place I was getting them from were so nice and refunded me the whole amount both times! They're wonderful! They are at: Save The Date Magnets, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Announcements, Postcards for Weddings, Magnetic Favors

Well, now that the resort is picked (for the second time!), I'm looking forward to moving on with the details! I hope we can all share ideas, themes, colors, etc.! I have already picked out my bridesmaids dresses - they're from David's Bridal (since all of them are out-of-towners, I feel that's easiest!) - here's a link: David's Bridal - Bridesmaid 83312 Cotton sateen strapless dress with ruching and in seam pockets.

I think that's it for now! More to come!

I'm so excited for all of us Moon Dance Cliffs brides! We have such an amazing location, we will no doubt all have beautiful weddings! Can't wait to share!
Hey girl!

Sorry about your resort drama. I am sure you will be so happy with MDC that it will all be worth it!

I checked out your wedding website and it looks GREAT! You have so much great info on there for your guests. I love the way your FI proposed...so thoughtful!! Where did you guys go in Jamaica to celebrate your engagement? We actually got engaged in Jamaica at The Grand Palladium. One of your pictures looked like you were standing on one of the beaches at Grand Palladium but I was not sure b/c I am sure a lot of the beaches look the same. I also have a wedding website at Welcome but I feel like I need to add more detailed booking info like you have under your RSVP section. I might borrow that information from you and add it to my site!

I also was between Sungold and Sabb but Sabb was so much more expensive and they do not include nearly as much in their packages. I did book Paula and Damien so it was a little expensive but you get so much for your money (10 hours of shooting on the day, CD of prints, image hosting online, 2 slideshows, a big wedidng book, $250 towards prints, and a 2 hr shoot the day before or after the wedding). We are using that 2 hours for our TTD shoot! As for Sabb they quoted around $7,000 for their best package which did not include as much and the TTD would have been and extra $300/hr plus $400 for prints!!! Also, I spoke with Paula on the phone before I booked and she is the SWEETEST lady! She is very southern and just as nice as can be. She told me to call her if I ever need her to go look at/do anything in Jamaica for me, flowers, etc.. since she knows I might want someone to see things in person! She also said if anyone is not getting back to me, in the past she has actually gone to hotels and told them that they need to get back to her bride! It makes me feel great to know she has my back & I can't wait to work with her!

I already got my STDs too. Here is a link to my Save the Date picture thread http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t34926 I am so proud of how they turned out since they were DIY! They turned out better than any place I could have ordered them from! I sent them out last week and I have already recieved a couple "yes" postcards back!!! I was stressing out b/c my wedding website crashed and lost all of the pictures the day I sent them out. I ended up uploading new pics before people recieved them. Thank God!

I did recieve wedding menus from MDC. All of the food sounds SOOO GOOD..I wish I could do a tasting right now! I attached the menu file. It does not have pricing, so I still need to figure that part out.

I also look forward to sharing our wedding details. I am doing burnt orange and fuschia as my colors with gold accents. I am going to have my bridesmaids in burnt orange (same as most tangerine) dresses. I want fuschia chair ties and table runners. One of my bridesmaids and I are going wedding dress shopping tomorrow afternoon so I will let you know how that goes!

Let me know who you decide to go with for your Photographer etc..

Happy planning!



Celebration Menu Package[1].doc

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Originally Posted by big3n09 View Post
One last thing, does anyone know where the beach is or how you access the beach since the cliffs have no direct access?
When my FI and I did a site visit of the property in OCT Okema told us they will have a free shuttle to and from 7 mile beach.

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Yay!!!! I'm so excited about all the posts to this thread! :) I have been trying to reply all day long but something was wrong with the server - so lots to reply about!


First, Christina, I feel you with regards to the All-Inclusive...we were originally booked at an AI in Mexico and when the hotel cancelled our wedding, I was so upset! I fell in love with Moon Dance Cliffs but still wanted the AI...however, in talking to a lot of our friends, they all say they'd prefer NOT to have AI - the food tends to be all buffet, cooked for a lot of people, and just not that great...now I'm not a picky eater at all! And when I did AI I was fine with the food, but I do think that a lot of people actually prefer not doing an AI - most just don't feel they get their money's worth!


Ssleenyc, when Miriam first emailed me, she wrote this with regards to the grand opening rates:


"We are currently offering Grand Opening rental rates valid for 2009 while still advertised our website. We can honor these rates for 2010 as long as they are still advertised on our website at the time of booking."


Not sure when your wedding is, but I would just doublecheck with the hotel. I don't think there will be a problem though.


Big3n09, Congrats! And don't you feel better that I'm much more of a slacker?! wink.gif You still have plenty of time! And by your wedding, and Sparkles as well, I will have provided you with all the low-down on my wedding! :) Yes, I still need to do the save the dates - I'm working on them, I promise! We have been keeping our guests informed via email (which has helped A LOT with the planning process), so I almost feel that at this point the save the date is more of a formality, but I definitely want to do them!


I haven't thought too much about the photography...I had a similar problem though with photographers in Mexico - loved the husband and wife (Matt and Sol from delsol photography - amazing - but neither was available for our date so I had booked an associate...I was bummed about it for awhile, but realized I was saving a ton of money and his work was just as good! I would just make sure to see the associate's portfolio and go with the associate if the work is good! We also talked to the associate and showed him certain pictures of the husband and wife that we really liked and asked if he could do some like that - granted now we've changed location to Jamaica so we're no longer going with him, but I'm sure he would have done an amazing job!


Sparkles/Leslie (so nice to know your name!!!) your Save the dates are AMAZING!!!! I would hire you in a heartbeat to do mine! wink.gif I am just not that creative and couldn't pull that off! You did such a great job and provided your guests with so much information! Everything from the envelopes to the seal to the invitation to the letter...just awesome!


My colors are very similar to yours!!! I'm doing watermelon dresses from David's Bridal (which in person is very similar to fushia) and tangerine! How funny! Floral Fantasies actually has the most perfect bouquet (Floral Fantasy; Flowers for All Occasions from Negril, Jamaica / Weddings) called Negril Bride and Ref: 100_1022 (the very first picture you see) I think will be awesome centerpieces!


For the chairs I was thinking of alternating the fushia and tangerine - one chair fushia, the next tangerine, then fushia again, etc. - I saw it somewhere and it really looked beautiful!


I emailed Linus this morning and have not heard anything back from him yet but when I do I will send it along to everyone here.


Miriam did send me a map of nearby hotels - I'm going to include some alternate accommodations on my website in just in case it fills up or is too expensive, etc. I tried to attach it here but it gave me an error. It's uploaded on my webside here: Claudette and Jules - wedding website by mywedding.com


It's a bit hard to read, so I can email it to you individually if you would like to see it! Just let me know! :)


I'm still unsure about DJs, bands, etc. A bride who got married during the grand opening told me she just used her IPOD and the hotel played it through their PA system and provided microphones for the toasts, etc. I definitely think I will have IPOD music playing during the ceremony (three songs - one for the bridesmaids walk down the aisle, one for my walk, and one for the recessional) but I really would like a DJ for the reception.


Oh and Leslie good luck bridal shopping!!!! I just went in for my second fitting (it was a bit snug! Yikes! But I reminded myself we did just have the holidays!) I tried to attach it, but I got an error again! Oh well!


Oh, and we were at Club Ambiance in Runaway Bay when we were there last July - tons of fun but I definitely wanted to try the cliffs this time around!


Sorry for such a long message! So excited we all have each other to discuss these things with! None of my friends quite understand it the way you girls do! :)

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Oh and Sparkles (I don't know what you prefer me call you!) thanks for the comments on the website! I worked probably the hardest on that more than anything else wedding-related! And PLEASE feel free to copy any information you wish! :) It's all about making our lives easier!

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I'm officially booking tonight--there was some debate on the date with my family, but it finally worked out!


I'm so excited to see this thread, especially with all the information that is being provided and I can't wait to share some of my information.

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Welcome Taovandel!!!


Congratulations on booking a resort! I truly think that's the hardest and most time consuming step! :) And Moon Dance Cliffs will be a gorgeous place for your wedding!!!


Sparkles, I just now checked your wedding website - it rocks! I love your FAQ page - hmm, I might have to borrow some of that information! Very cute pics throughout and just love all the info! Way to go! And I love the proposal - too funny that you were still clueless! wink.gif I would have been the same way!

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Ssleenyc - I just realized I forgot to congratulate you on booking the Cliffs as well! :) I had been reading too quickly beforehand because I was so excited about how many of us there are now that I read right over the part where you said you booked! How exciting!


I know we've probably all mentioned it before, but I think it would be great if we had a timeline of everyone's dates...mine is May 23, 2009 - I think it will help us all stay on schedule with planning!

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Thanks so much for the information! Linus is my planner as well. Just so happy to have the place! I'm getting married on November 14th! We rented out the whole place. I am not too sure what we're going to do on AI or not. We want to create an environment where everyone hangs out together pretty much on property the whole time. When I think about what they are charging for a reception...and what they would charge for an RD event...I wonder what makes most sense.


I wanted to an event on Friday night at Moondance that was like an informal poolside BBQ after I rehearse. But if its too expensive, then maybe I'll just do a wedding party and family only dinner at Rockhouse or someplace else. Any other ideas for nice RD places?


Are you guys scheduling events for everyone? I don't know if that is the expectation or not. Do I need to schedule (and pay for) events? I am so clueless about how this all works. I know it is getting expensive since I am fairly sure that we will go over capacity at the cliffs.


Finally, on wedding colors..I have no idea! How do you even choose them? Just your favorites?

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