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I'm out of here!!!

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Hello ladies...

I am leaving for the airport tomorrow & will probably not get online again before I go. I just wanted to thank all of you amazing womEn for EVERYTHING! Without this forum my wedding would not be what it is going to be & I would not be who I am right now!! You all have seen me through many ups & downs & for that I am truly greatful! I have made some dear friends who I will ALWAYS keep in touch with as a B2B or a Bride or whatever! Thank you so much Tammy for opening this forum so that us crazy bride(zilla)s can have somewhere to vent our frustrations, show off our latest wedding item, & share great deals, pictures & ideas!

I know this is the point where I am supposed to post my planning thread (& I am all for doing that) but I just ran out of time! I'm so sorry to disappoint, but have no fear - I will post it when I return. I have it started, but I know that I will have to resize pictures & all that jazz so it is just not possible.


I want to send a big shout out to all my fellow January brides that I will miss coming or going while I am in transit - I cannot wait to see all your pics & read all about your amazing day!! May your wedding day be everything that you dreamed of & more, because each of you deserve it!!


I will be in touch upon my return...to all the northern folk like myself - stay warm!!!






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Congrats! Have the best time and enjoy every minute!!! We will all be thinking about you and hoping it all goes exactly like you have dreamed about!

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