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I am really interested in buying a dress online. I don't really have time or feel like dealing with any bridal shops. Is there a certain style that looks good on all body types, or certain styles that fit better on certain body types. & is there any website that has good quality dresses? I did look at David's Bridals website & saw a few that I did like on there, but I would have to go to the store to buy them. I just dont want to listen to them try to upsell or anything and they said I would have to register in the store before I could try anything on.



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In the beginning there are many places I went into myself and said I was only looking. That way the sales person didnt want to waste their time with me. That way I found exactly what I was looking for and then went into places with family and friends to seriously look. I ended up buying my dress online, too.

What is your body type? Are you petite? Hippy? Full? The big thing I found was the style of waist was the big factor for me because I am hippy.

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It absolutely depends on your body type as Elizabeth said. Generally, Aline dresses are considered universally flattering.


I would go as Elizabeth also said and just tell the salesperson up front that you are not ready to buy anything and just want to look to get an idea of what works for you.


I would highly recommend that you don't buy anything online without trying dresses on first. Usually gowns are non-returnable/refundable! And.. most of the dresses I thought would flatter my body; looked awful and those that I thought wouldn't look good, looked great!


And I did look at DB and those sales people were the least 'pushy' I encountered.

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