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Originally Posted by CABOBRIDE200 View Post
Ahh, we're Sheraton sises....is that a word? yes, I used hot glue, but my glue gun is a cheap little $2 thing and doesn't have multiple heat settings. The flower was a silk/latex orchid, probably similar to yours. I think my problem might have been that the flower was slipping a bit when I first put it on...maybe that interferred with the bonding. I'll have to try it again. I thought for sure it was going to work.

Ann, did you get the flowers yet? How is the quality of the flower? Is the flower attached to a bobby pin or an alligater clip? ....boy, I'm full of questions in this thread. :)
i don't have them yet - but i should any day now, and can let you know. though i don't know if i know what an alligator clip is! lol

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ahh yes. ok, when i get them i will tell you what they have and take some real pictures! it does kinda look like an alligator - lol

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