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Cocktail hour help!

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Is everyone serving appetizers during the cocktail hour? My resort seems to think that it's not a standard thing to do and is asking me what kind of food I would like to serve! I have no idea- I thought it was a pretty common thing! Is anyone having a cocktail hour with JUST cocktailshuh.gif If not, what kind of appetizers (and how many) are you serving?



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I don't know if it's a common thing, rolleyes.gif but definitely something that is usually an option for weddings/parties.


I am having a cocktail hour WITH passed appetizers right after our ceremony. I do have to preface this by saying we are having a non-resort wedding in Akumal, Mexico (in the Riviera Maya) ~ catered and coordinated by the owner of Turtle Bay Cafe.


Drinks served will include our signature drink (haven't decided on what it will be yet), margaritas, pina coladas, and limonada and ice tea for the kiddies and non-drinkers. friday.gif


We had a hard time deciding what to have for appetizers as their entire menu was delicious!! But ultimately decided on fingerfoods that weren't too heavy and would keep our guests satisfied but still looking forward to dinner:


Our passed appetizers:

-- Sherried Mushroom Empanadas

-- Assorted Quesadillas (including brie and carmelized pecans, and cheese and chicken) with Tropical Fruit Salsa

-- Mini Crabcakes with roasted corn salsa & cilantro buerre Blanc



Stationary appetizers served with buffet dinner:

-- Lime Marinated Mixed Seafood Ceviche with Tortilla Chips

-- Fresh Guacamole with Salsa & Tortilla Chips

-- Assorted Fresh Fruit on Skewers


If you wanna have appetizers, then you should!! It seems odd that they would act like it was a strange request?!? But if you decide to have just strictly drinks that's ok too, but maybe something easy like chips, salsa and guacamole or ceviche could also be an easy appetizer option that will help keep the guests satisfied till dinner cheesy.gif

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Thanks! That all sounds delicious! I was also thinking at the very least to have chips/guacamole and ceviche. But some of your choices sound great- I may print out this list and bring it to my site visit this weekend!

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Originally Posted by ACA Amy View Post
Thanks! That all sounds delicious! I was also thinking at the very least to have chips/guacamole and ceviche. But some of your choices sound great- I may print out this list and bring it to my site visit this weekend!
hehe, I know it does sound good damn it! BangHead.gif I'm sitting here at work it's 12:45 a.m. and listing my appetizers has made me so hungry all of a sudden blush2.gif

But I'm glad my list helped give you some ideas ~ let us know how it turns out after your site visit!! And by the way, that's awesome you're going on site visit, a trip to Acapulco sure would be wonderful right about now msnwink.gif Oooooooh and you're going to the Grand Mayan?? We're spending our second week in RM at the Grand Mayan, it will be our 3rd time there ~ we absolutely LOVE it!!! I think the Grupo Mayan resorts are absolutely the best humble.gif Safe travels girly hug2.gif

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That's strange! Hmm..


We are probably doing a one hour cocktail hour; but we havent decided on what we want to serve. This is the package offered by our resort which includes open bar since we it's an all-inclusive -


20 ppl $138.60 for silver



Silver: Choose 3 cold

$110 USD + 10% Service + 16% Tax


Gold: Choose 3 cold and 1 hot

$150 + 10% Service + 16% Tax


Platinum: Choose 4 cold and 2 hot

$190 + 10% Service + 16% Tax


For 20 pax. For every pax extra a supplement will be charged




Option 1

Salami canapé

Smoked salmon canapé

Stuffed eggs with tuna mousse

Tuna tartlets

Fresh salmon tartlets

Cream cheese rolls and avocado

Assorted sushi

Baby tomato stuffed in Russian salad

Crab canapé

Roast beef canapé


Option 2

Ham canape

Prosciutto canapé

Tuna canapé

Machego cheese canapé

Mozzarella cheese canapé

Turkey breast canapé

Stuffed eggs

Pear with blue cheese

Melon, cheese and grape brochette

Ham and pineapple



Fish balls

Chicken wings

Fried calamari rings

Chicken fingers

Fish sticks

Meatballs in pomodoro sauce

Chicken taquitos

Ham and cheese quesadillas

Spring rolls

Mini beef brochette


Hope this helps!!!

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I don't think its a strange request at all. I along w/ MarieSam am having a non resort wedding in Akumal. We have the option of apps at our cocktail hour but have decided against. We will just serve our signature drink. We really want apps but we really want spinach artichoke dip and the famous Lol Ha ceviche (YUM!!!) but neither are really a food to serve for a cocktail hour so we're just going to have them on each table when we start dinner.

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I am so glad that I stumbled on to this thread... My hotel is serving food with the cocktail hour but it is very limited... I found this to be very strange and it is actual making me feel uncomfortable (like I am going to look cheap). The cocktail hours that I have been to have always been so extravagant and some times better then the food at dinner.. LOL


I am having such a hard time adjusting my brain to the fact that I am not getting married in the northeast... I actually was talking to my WP about this and told her that my best freind had a mash potato bar at her wedding. She actually thought for a second that I wanted one too.. but it just the so different then what I am used to.

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Here is my quote for my cocktail hour:

Cocktail Hour:


Appetizers: Ceviche mini tostada, Guacamole mini tostada, Salami mini pizza, Cheese mini pizza & tacos dorados (chicken)


Open Bar: Cocktails: Blue bay, Tequila Sunrise, Cosmo, Caipiriña/ Beer/ Tequila/ Vodka


Appetizers and open bar price: $ 210 pesos + 15% tax + 15% service per person (price for 1 hour)


*Please excuse the mini-pizzas, I know they don't fit in with the mexican theme, but my little brother and sister are very picky eaters, so I had to through in the pizza for them.

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