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I'm a Newbie! RIU Palace, Riviera Maya

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What an amazing site! I look forward to meeting you all and reading your wedding stories and wisdom!


First, I should introduce myself :-)


My name is Shannon and my fiancee's name is Mike. We are planning to get married in April 2010. No specific date yet as we have not booked our trip...hoping to get that done in the next couple of weeks.


We are expecting approximately 20-30 people to attend our wedding as well as a few children...so I would love a resort that will take care of all of our guests needs...and then some!


I have been "resort shopping" for A LONG time...too long. I finally came across the RIU Palace in Mayan Riveira and have fallen in love! Just waiting on the other half's "approval" lol!


If there is anyone out there who can help me out with some tips and information with respect to this resort it would be SOOO appreciated!!


Specifically I'm wondering if you can offer some advice about the following:


flower arrangements...what selections may have...I would love white Calla lilies.


D.J. vs. live band?

Reception suggestions?

Kid Friendly?


Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!


Hope to talk to ya soon! :-)

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Welcome and Congrats! There are a lot of us getting married at RPRM. You can find lots of info on RPRM if you click on search at the top of this page and then type in RPRM. I know the resort is kid friendly. I think the choices for the reception are Chili's (steakhouse) or the brazilian restaurant. Happy Planning!

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Hi fellow newbie!

I can't help you much, but I have been to the RIU Palace twice. It's a beautiful resort! My sister-in-law to be got married there in 2007 and had her dinner at the brazilan restaraunt and had a reception at the RIU resort next door (I think it was the Playacar, but I'm not sure). It was beautiful and she had around 40 people (no kids though, so can't help you there). If you have more questions, I can ask her and then get back to you.

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