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ROR - 1 week left til departure!

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WOOHOO!! How exciting!!


I brought my own champagne flutes but only used them at dinner. I had my dress steamed before I left and even though it was folded in half in the over head it was fine!


I hung it as soon as we got to the room. If you find a few wrinkles you could always put it in the bathroom and put the shower on - hot. I still have no wrinkles in it since bringing it home and trust me it took a beating on the way back lol




P.S. I didn't do a planning thread either wink.gif

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I will def be posting pics....lots of them. FH and I are camera crazy!


And before I forget (with all the craziness over the next couple of days), I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for putting me at ease throughout the whole planning process with their advice/suggestions, info, pics, and many laughs. I'm not sure I'd be this "calm" if it weren't for this site and all of you...you have all given me a good sense of what to expect and I can honestly almost "see" how everything will look for our big day.



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