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NJ_Bride's Couples Swept Away Review

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We stayed at CSA from December 2-9th, 2008 for our wedding. I was so happy with this resort that I decided to post a separate review of the resort.


-rooms- we had the top grade Beachfront Veranda, the rooms arenâ€t fancy but we had the best view, a mini bar, and a flat screen TV. There was no issue of noise or lack of privacy. Others in our group had other categories of rooms and were also happy. When you go out just put the door sign to make the room up and they will take care of it. The guy stopped by every afternoon and asked what I needed restocked in the minibar.

-Food -the best I ever had in any island. Local beef patties were the best at Cabana Grill and late night snacks too. I loved the sweet potato chips with Pumpkin dip at SeaGrapes, the Lemongrass was so good we ate there 2 times. Amazing breakfasts at the Palms and Patios. The first morning we got our breakfast delivered to the room too. We also dined in the Palms for the International Buffet and Lobster night. Patios for the 1st nightâ€s dinner was delicious we loved the quesadilla and pizza at lunch. We didnâ€t make it to Feathers, as the night we planned there were no entrees that hubby and I would like. Many of our other guests did go though and raved about it.

-The excursions- this is what makes Couples different from other AIâ€s. Your excursions are included, no charge. We did a snorkeling trip with about 22 of us, the reef was great! We also went on the Catamaran Cruse which took you to see sunset by Rickâ€s and snorkeling at the caves. When we go back we plan on doing an excursion every day. There were no problems reserving for these either.

-The entertainment- Every night there is a show in the Palms after dinner, singers, bands, dancers, all very good. The entertainment guys really get people up and dancing. Every night we also went to Aura night club for cocktails and more dancing (each night here is themed too). Our bartenders were great and we always had a lot of fun there. The Beach party is amazing, so much food, and a nice show too.

-The beach is absolutely perfect! Clean, tons of chairs with floats, shady spots with hammocks and warm clear water. I spent most of my beach time floating. Others in our group used the flag service but we always just went to up to the swim up bar. We loved the bartenders there too. They make a great Jamaican brownie drink! Only thing I would say is bring the beach towel in your room cause they donâ€t seem to have them out on the beach for trade in all the time.

-resort set up- everything is spread out. Depending on what your idea of relaxation is there is a spot for you in CSA. We let all our guests do there own thing, some liked the beach, others pool, others did excusions. The grounds are beautiful and very safe, you see security everywhere. The resort was full the whole time we were there but never seems that way. There are vendors on the property and they never bother you. This was a nice change from the other islands we have been to. There are bugs, you donâ€t see them or even feel them bite you but the next day you have bites , wear repellant!

-The salon/spa- wow, what a facility. My Mom, 2 bridesmaids, and myself all had our hair styled there for the wedding, The stylists did a great job. My husband, his father, uncle, and a friend all went for hot shaves that morning and had some laughs with the ladies too. My husband and I really enjoyed our couples massage on our last day too. Many of our guests utilized the spa, gym, and running track and said all are very nice.

-Finally and most importantly is the service/staff. If you have ever been to any other Caribbean island or Mexico you know that the Jamaican people blow them away. Everyone is smiling and everything is No Problem. We never waited for anything for a long period of time. If anyone thinks the service is slow they are out of their mind! We are from NJ and NY and we are used to the fast paced lifestyle, we leave it at home on vacation. Every staff member we encountered from security to servers, even landscapers were friendly. The others guest we met were so friendly, everyone congratulating us, it really is a place you can make friends. We know why people go back year after year. Please feel free to PM me with any CSA questions.

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NJBride, I just heard about Couples Swept Away and it sounds faaabulous! I'd like to read your wedding review, do you have a link to it? I'd also love to see your photos if you have a link to those too! :)

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Jay and I went to CSA for our HM... We loved it and you are sooooo right... the food OMG beyond yummy and the snack bar... Jay is now in love with Beef Patties.. we drive an hr now so he can go to the Jamaican Diner place just for them!!


You are right ... the resort might be totally booked, but you never feel overwhelmed with people everywhere... it feels so open and you never have to wait for anything.


Great review and YAY to CSA!!!

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