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i vent a lot eh? haha


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you know what really bugs me?


shipping costs!


i found the cutest thank you cards


Fine Stationery.com // Personalized Stationery, Wedding Invitations, Birth Announcements, Party Invitations, Moving Announcements, Cards & more


i ordered one pack because that's all i need....do you know how much shipping was going to cost?




you'll never guess.....$65!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


they're crazy if they think they'll get that outta muggins here

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probably duty/brokerage fee is included there, or it better be! LOL. Either way, the cards are very very cute, but I wouldn't pay that.


I'd email them and say for $XXX shipping I'll buy the product. What's to lose? They say no and it's done. I have found from experience, shipping is somewhere companies make alot of money. They might reduce to gain your business.

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i hate when companies overcharge for shipping. it's insane.


however i've ordered notecards from thre. one pack and it was only $7.00 for shipping and i think the highest was $30 something for overnight.


Are you sure you didn't do something wrong with checkout?

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