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Videographers in PDC area?

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I've recently decided that it would be really nice if we could get at least a short video of our wedding. We won't really have much $$ to throw at a videographer, so I'm not expecting a movie quality cinematic masterpiece, but if anyone has a low cost, but still at least a little bit skilled, videographer they could recommend, I'd love some reviews and info or links to their websites. Thanks!

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You need to be careful with low cost videographers. A poorly made video that isn't compatible with the new HDTVs will be something you never watch again and really not worth any kind of money. The biggest issue is outdated equipment and poor audio. Modern HD cameras shoot at 1920x1080 pixels, standard definition cameras shoot at 640x480. They also shoot in the older square format and not widescreen, so the picture will either be zoomed to an even lower resolution or stretched so everything looks wider. Low resolution, bad camera work and poor audio (especially challenging on a windy beach) can make a video impossible to watch.


As you may have guessed by now, I'm a videographer in the Riviera Maya. We shoot in HD and we now deliver in HD Blu-Ray. We use wireless mics and multiple audio sources for the best sound. We also use a second static camera during the ceremony for the best possible coverage. Our advertised price is $1200 for three hours of coverage, $1800 for five hours (our most popular package). We also do two hours of coverage for $900 but we don't advertise it on the site. For all of these we edit a 4 minute highlight clip which is perfect for your AHR.


I also recommend Miguel Canterell at cancunweddingvideo.com with confidence. They are very professional and deliver a quality product. Be sure to request their HD packages.


I've been here four years and I am always looking for someone else I can recommend but I haven't found anyone outside of Miguel. Either the quality is poor, the equipment is outdated, they're unreliable, or all of the above.


I hate to be so harsh, but with wedding videos you often just throw your money away when you try to save a few hundred dollars. A well made video can be an awesome thing. A poorly made video can really bum you out.

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