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Hello from a newbie of a slightly different sort

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Hello everyone,


My name is 1) Alexander(Alex for short), wedding date is 2) Oct. 26, 2009 and we are planning for 3) St. Thomas.


I'm a guy marrying a wonderful woman whom I am very lucky to have in my life. I'm helping out where I can with the planning. So far we are looking at a very small destination wedding of our immediate family about 10 people total. We have started looking a resorts, locations, and budgeting from there.


I'm just a regular guy so I will do my best not to blunder with questions that I should already know the answer to. (I had no clue what a bustle is and why it is needed till last night.) Thank you for the interesting information I've already found lurking here, and thank you in advance for the help you can provide me in this process. My goal is simply I want my lady to smile till her cheeks hurt because she is so happy on our wedding day, and I am grateful to anyone who helps me accomplish that.




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Congrats Alex! You're fiance is a lucky lady! This forum will give you lots of great ideas for your DW! A small intimate wedding will be beautiful! Best of luck with the plans!

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