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Wedding Dress Bought! and on sale!!

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I'm still not sure where the wedding will be (in playa, just not sure where yet) but I decided to go out and check out a sale that was going on for wedding dresses during Boxing Week...

I have NEVER been dress shopping before, not even with friends so it was a new experience for me...I brought my mom and went straight to the sale rack. I grabbed a few dresses and went to start trying on. The first one I tried on was so nice and fit me almost perfectly! I tried on a few more sale ones but wasn't having a lot of luck...so then I went and grabbed some dresses that weren't on sale - wow some of them were SO beautiful!! but I didn't want a train...and they were pretty fancy. My mom, myself and the sales girl were in agreement...the very first one I tried on was the one for me! :)

And it was on sale!! You won't believe for how much!!.........................


$199!! Nice!! My mom got off easy as while we were there she said she would be buying my dress. :)


I didn't bother going to any other stores...for that price I was perfectly happy with the dress!!


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