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Photographer Recommendation- Fer Juaristi

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Hi Ladies.

I book a photographer few months ago, and I just wanted to let you guys know about him. He's absolutely fantastic!!!

I found him though wpja.com, a wedding photographer's association. I'm planning to get married in Riviera Maya, but I decided to import him from his home in Monterrey because I was blown away by his talent and creativity. His style is unique- a little rock and roll, and there's nothing cheesy. No BW photo with red tinted roses! Yay!! His rates are very reasonable, and I think paying a few hunderd dollars more for his flight is very much worth it.


Fer is also very prompt at responding to my e-mails, and I usually get a reply within few hours. I seriously believe he has an Iphone implanted in him! And it doesn't hurt that he always ends his e-mail with a phrase "I'm at your service". After I decided to hire him, he sent me a friend request on Facebook, so we've been keeping in touch outside of the wedding business.


Oh yeah, and he's also a hottie. Definitely a plus!


Without further ado, please check out his blog and tell me what you think!


Fer Juaristi Blog - Sessions, Pictures, Adventures and Stories. Destination Wedding Photographer.



Just to let you know, I'm not receiving any money from him for this post. I'm just a happy bride bunny_4.gif

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