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Help me pick a BM gift

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Which necklace should I get for my BM?



My colors are red and aqua and they are wearing red dresses. I don't care if they wear them with their dresses - I just want them to have something they like.


STARFISH JEWELRY | Sea Creature Charm Sterling Silver Jewelry Cast From Real Sea Life Specimens | UncommonGoods


This is the cheapest.


: WhiteTrashCharms.Com Boutique


This one isn't that much more.


Tiffany & Co. | Item | Elsa Peretti® Starfish pendant, mini mini. Sterling silver. | United States


This is the most expensive.

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I say #3. I think a good rule of thumb with BM/GM gifts is to give them something that you would give them for any special occasion or holiday. I don't care who you are, no bridesmaid really wants a shirt that says "bridesmaid'


I got each of my sisters (my 2 BMs) a terry juicy outfit. They both LOVE them and wear the all the time. And it was fun for me to give them to them since neither of them would spend the $ on themselves - my older sister has 3 kids and is too frugal, and my younger sister is only 16.

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Originally Posted by NABUMBAH View Post
I don't care who you are, no bridesmaid really wants a shirt that says "bridesmaid'
Really? That was on the list of things I planned to add to their gift bags . . . who else agrees that nobody wants those commemorative type shirts? This is my first wedding but I thought a bm shirt noting the date/place would be cool since it is in Mexico i.e. a vacation souvenir. . . any thoughts?

Oh, and I like #3 also.
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