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Wedding tips

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Here is a list of bridal emergency items from InStyle:


1) Diaper pins - in case you have bustle issues.

2) Sandpaper - for soles of new shoes so you don't eat it on a slick dancefloor.

3) First aid tape - for loose hems.

4) White Chalk - covers stains on wedding dress

5) Animal crackers - sweet snack to keep blood sugar up and small so no crumbs

6) Crochet hook - for buttoning those tiny ass buttons that there can be a million of.

7) Apple - fixes bad breath (WHO KNEW!!)

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Originally Posted by gkashmira View Post
safety pins are so important! I need to add that to my list of To DOs so I remember to buy them!
Just so you know - the diaper pins are crucial if you have bustle issues. Safety pins will be too weak. But diaper pins are bigger and harder to hide. You might want to bring both.

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