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Good job on getting past the initial cravings!

I have a salt craving instead of sugar, but a taste of something sweet usually signifies the end of the meal to me. I keep York peppermint patties that have much less fat and do the job well.


I am very bad about 'hiding' stuff from myself... so I agree with Christine and give it away! In a month you can reward yourself with a different treat.

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Originally Posted by cheese_diva View Post
two words A-line.. ok that's one word, but point is... fitting on top and you can't see a thing waist down.. lol That's my plan anyhow. Even if I didn't lose another pound the dress looks beautiful! (except the back fat which I've been told can be smoothed out with a finger across the back)

I don't buy the junk food either.. our HR dept came around with jelly beans and chocolate bunnies for Easter. I gave up the jelly beans immediately but have held onto the bunny. He's waiting in the back of my desk drawer. Most days I don't think about him, but yesterday, a moment of weekness..

I think it's true about cravings.. wait a half an hour and usually they pass.. Good thing it did!
Definitely--- the A-line is the saving grace to big wedding dresses--- on the plus side, at least I have boobs (thank you genetics!), so I figure I'll focus on the boobs and hope no one looks lower than that on the dress! hehehe...

When you wrote "back fat" I cracked up---- silly really, but FI had never heard that phrase before until I said it one day to him and now he cracks up every time I say it.

Will-power does a lot----- I personally have to stick photos of skinny gowns on my fridge to remind myself to keep plugging along.... 30 down, but about 100 to go!!! But hey, it took about 30 years to put it on, so if it only takes me about 1.5 to get it off, I figure I'm still kicking ass! :)

(And hopefully, I didn't offend too many people with my previous post---- I don't really have issues with people's size and I'm not real 'fat sensitive' but a lot of people get offended when I start joking around about it---)

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Joke away! lol You may have seen some of my posts when I was trying on dresses. Back Fat galore!! really gross. even my mom commented when I sent her the pictures.. she's like "those dresses don't fit. your back is all squished in them" Thanks Mom!


Great support from the homefront. lol

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