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transporting wedding gown

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My dressmaker asked me to bring in a queen sized white sheet and a rolley bag. She packed it up for me so it wouldn't wrinkle. She said that it's more convenient to carry and less likely to get snagged or fall off the hanger if it's in a rolley versus hand carrying it.


Sure enough - the dress was barely wrinkled. I hung it up when I got there and didn't have to iron it.


BUT - I would never check it.

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Check with your airline first to make sure they have a spot...and then double check again when you check in for your flight....and then triple check when you get to your gate LOL


On the way down we had no trouble getting my dress on the plane - they had a little cabinet and everything to put it in. Coming home they made us put it in an overhead compartment and watch people pile their bags on top of it.

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My seamstress gave me a good tip:


put a sheet, preferable soft cotton so the dress can breath, over the dress, then put a plastic garment bag over it, then another plastic garment bag, then a harder garment bag over it.


Ask the stewardess, they have a cabin to hang your wedding dress in the front of the plain.


Bring 100% soft Cotton (baby cotton) sheet (same sheet you use to cover your dress or a pillow case) - you can use it to smooth out any crinkles or wrinkles in your dress by lightly going over it with the cotton sheet.


Also, you can buy a hand held steamer to use - MAKE SURE YOU TEST IT OUT FIRST on a piece of fabric (same fabric as your dress - the boutique or seamstress you bought it at should be able to give you a swacth).

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