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Erika J

HELP Please! How do I set margins in Word 07'

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I am working on DIY project number 1 and am a total DIY newbie.


I want to take the 8 1/2 by 11 paper and split it into 4 sections for my save the dates.


How do I format this in Microsoft Word 07'


I tried doing 2 veritical columns but is there a better way?



Thanks ~ Erika

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If you really want to use Word, I'd put two big lines across the page - one vertical and one horizontal - and format them so that they are in front of the text (so they don't move around), and then use columns. That way you'll know where your "boxes" are. You can format your columns (set spacing, width, etc) by going to Format, Columns. To format the page margins, go to File, Page Setup and then select your margin size.


Personally, I find working in powerpoint much easier when I'm doing layouts. Just note that a standard page in Powerpoint is 7.5 x 10 and you'll need to adjust it (File, Page Setup) to get an 8.5x11.


Good luck!

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