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RIU - Renova Spa Hair & Makeup

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Hi Ladies!!


I see there is a post for Dreams, so I am wondering if anyone has had hair & make-up done by Renova Spa at the RIU Santa Fe or even the Palace?


I did a little research and there doesn't seem to be too much of a different in price between Suzanne Morel & Renova Spa....maybe $20, so it would be worth the extra $20 by the sounds of things.


Does anyone know if Suzanne is able to go to the Santa Fe the day of the wedding now? I know the RIU's don't want outside vendors, but I believe this was something that was being looked into.


So many decisions!!!!

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Erika told me that I could have Suzanne come to the property for a fee of $50 each girl she brings. But Suzanne was to booked to come on the property. Hope this helps.

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