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Online Retailers I Loved! (W/Pics)

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I think the party flip flops site is super cute, first thing I actually ordered cause we were sure on a DW was a set of 'just married' flip flops in case some of you ladies wanted to wear that - I heard someone wore their bridal shoes and right after the ceremony switched to those, might make for some cute pictures in the sand

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Originally Posted by JuneWeddingDreams View Post
Ladies - I am looking for some cake boxes that are not too expensive. Anyone have a good site to purchase those? I wanted to provide them to my guests for them to take a piece of cake back to the room with them.
Oriental trading has these.. 20 for $10.99 and they are kind of cute.

Wedding Cake Treat Box Slices

If that obnoxious link doesn't work, the name of the item is "Wedding Cake Treat Box Slices"

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